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Best Minecraft seeds ever!

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Doesn’t matter if you are a casual player, a speedrunner, or trying to achieve something specific, a lot of your gameplay is dependent on the world you spawn in. For example, with the right spawn point, you could defeat the final boss, the Ender Dragon in just a few minutes, or spawn in a really interesting place you’ve never seen before. But if your world is not good, and you spawn in a poor area, you might not even survive your first terrifying night in the forest. You don’t have to worry, for your convenience, we have made a list of the best Minecraft seeds that we have found and personally tested in-game. Not to forget, if you know how to teleport from place to place in Minecraft, you can use some key coordinates to explore all the important places in your world first. Seeds are long numbers, which indicate the world’s generated layout of structures and landscapes. These are randomly generated and given a personal number, but before generating your world, you can input your own seed into the game’s input box. In this guide, we will walk you through each step on how to use seeds, and we’re going to write down some of the best seeds that you can use in your world.

How to start a Minecraft Server

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How to use Minecraft Seeds

If by any chance, you already know how to use seeds, feel free to skip ahead below. We have some practical, and interesting seeds waiting for you. As for those who need a reminder on how to create new Minecraft worlds using seeds, follow the steps below:

1. On the main menu of Minecraft, click on the Single player option.

Minecraft single player selection
Minecraft single player selection
  1. It will lead you to a list of your existing worlds. Here, click on the “Create New World” button to create a custom world.
Minecraft create new world
  1. On the next screen, click on the “More World Options” button at the bottom right corner of the screen. You can set the difficulty and other settings as per your own preferences while setting up the world.
Minecraft more world options in Create New World
  1. At the top, you will see a black textbox to enter the seed number. Here, enter the seed code for the world you want to explore. Then, click on “Create New World” and you are done. Note that while entering the seed code, you need to include the negative sign in the value, if it has one, else you will load into a different world than the one you wish to join.
Minecraft enter seed number in Create New World screen

20 of the Best Minecraft Seeds

All biomes Spawn


All biomes spawn seed - 8401040335508653605
Seed - 8401040335508653605

It’s not every day that you generate a new Minecraft biome and are greeted with such a diverse cluster of locations. This is an amazing seed with all the biomes, almost. To top it all off, they are all neatly clustered together, so you won’t need to trek far to reap the resources from each area. If that wasn’t enough, you spawn in the very center of the map.

Allays Woodland Mansion


Allays woodland mansion seed - 702411727950161736
Seed - 702411727950161736

Allays is a new addition to Minecraft and has introduced a great level of cuteness to the game as a whole. The only issue is they are usually trapped in places like a woodland mansions. Thankfully, there is one nearby spawn here, so you can free these adorable creatures — simply head to coordinates 229 / 97 / 476.

Meadow biome


  • Village: 96, 112
  • Village: -224, 128
Meadow biome seed - 8652178905603404221
Seed - 8652178905603404221

This Minecraft seed spawns players in a meadow biome, surrounded by forests and taiga. To the north, players will find plains biomes and snowy plains. To the south, they will find mountains, taiga, and more forests. Mountains, old-growth taigas, snowy plains, and ice spikes biomes can be found to the west of spawn. Meanwhile, taigas, forests, plains, and a small swamp lies to the east. Immediately next to spawn are two different villages and an ancient city underneath them. To the east, players can find pillager outposts, a witch hut, and a basement igloo. These structures will give players plenty of loot to jumpstart the early game.

Inland Sea


  • Village: -448, -272
  • Pillager Outpost: 32, -944
  • Ancient City: -1816, -1336
  • Stronghold: 1460, -620
Inland sea seed - 4629739597526659093
Seed - 4629739597526659093

This seed spawns Minecraft players on the coast of an inland sea. To the north, players will find mangrove swamps, regular swamps, savannahs, and plains. To the west, players will encounter jungles, forests, and dark oak forests. An ocean and some swamps lie to the east of the spawn. Across the ocean to the south, players will find more swamps, jungles, plains, forests, and dark oak forests. This seed has a plethora of villages, where players can get food and gear. Additionally, there are several pillager outposts near spawn that players can loot, along with several witch huts that they can make great automated farms around.

Dark Oak Forest


  • Village: -768, -160
  • Ancient City: -584, -1096
  • Stronghold: -604, -1692
  • Woodland Mansion: -1928, -840
Dark oak forest seed - 8200926520014575443
Seed - 8200926520014575443

This Minecraft seed spawns players on the edge of a dark oak forest, old growth birch forests, and oak forests. To the north, players will find forests and jungles. To the east, they will come across deserts, savannahs, and oceans. Plains, forests, and taiga are located to the west of spawn, while a small inland sea and some frozen biomes can be found in the south. This seed has a few different villages close to spawn. In these villages, players can get iron tools, weapons, and armor, as well as enough food to last for quite a while. There is also a desert temple nearby where players can get loot from. In terms of hostile structures, players can find a woodland mansion nearby, across an inland sea, as well as multiple ancient cities.

Savannah biome


  • Village: 240, 304
  • Village: -416, 0
  • Village: 256, 672
  • Village: -448, -384
  • Village: -464, -912
Savannah biome seed - 2279531341165208797
Seed - 2279531341165208797

This seed places Minecraft players in a savannah biome. To the north, players will find a mixture of mangrove swamps, regular swamps, dark oak forests, and jungles. To the west, they will encounter plains, jungles, and savannahs. Forests, jungles, and plains are located to the south of spawn. Meanwhile, a huge frozen mountain range, along with other frozen biomes, can be found to the east. Upon spawning, players will face a ruined portal. They can get some initial loot, including golden carrots and armor, in this structure. Five villages are also quickly accessible from spawn. Additionally, a witch hut is located to the north, where players can make a witch farm. To the west, underneath the massive mountain range, players will find almost a dozen ancient cities.

Ocean Coast


  • Village: 368, 400
  • Village: -240, 1472
  • Village: -192, 1712
  • Village: 1456, 1168
  • Village: 1488, 864
  • Stronghold: 2068, -860
  • Ancient City: 2024, 824
  • Ancient City: 2136, 520
  • Ancient City: 2360, 200
  • Ancient City: 2344, 920
  • Woodland Mansion: -4984,1736
  • Witch Hut: 2696, -1416
Ocean coast seed = 2646269679380330260
Seed - 2646269679380330260

This Minecraft seed spawns players on the coast of a moderately sized ocean. This ocean contains two large mushroom islands, great for a coop server where each player can have their own island. To the north of spawn, players will find jungles, birch forests, forests, and plains. To the south, they will come across forests, jungles, and savannahs. Mushroom biomes, with swamps, plains, and sunflower plains biomes, can be found to the east of spawn. Meanwhile, savannahs, jungles, bamboo jungles, dark oak forests, and mountains are located to the west. There are villages in a few different directions from spawn, all of which are full of great potential loot. There is also a stronghold on the edge of a nearby dark oak forest, along with a woodland mansion across the spawn sea.

Nether Portal


Nether portal seed - 5560510443145922857
Seed - 5560510443145922857

If you want to quickly complete the game on the latest version, then use this generation key, with which you will appear right next to the village and the portal to the Nether. At the same time, the portal can be immediately completed and activated using the loot in the chest! In addition, there is a forge in the village, which will allow you to get good starting loot. Also with this seed, you can quickly get to the End, the entrance to the underground fortress can be quickly found at coordinates -2180 -800, going down the waterfall into the canyon.

Mangrove Swamp


Mangrove swamp seed - 6306808076142139007
Seed - 6306808076142139007

The main draw of this seed is where the player spawns: inside a mangrove swamp biome. This is one of the new biomes that 1.19 has added to the title, and it would typically need to be found through exploration of the world. This means that it would be totally RNG-dependent, and unlucky players might have a hard time finding one naturally. This seed will allow you quick and easy access to frogs. While the mangrove swamp that users spawn in is not particularly large, it is an excellent way to experience the biome initially before moving on to the other features that the game offers with the addition of 1.19.

Unique Island

43664882 – (Village: -100, -450Small mushroom biome: 250, 250)

Unique island seed - 43664882
Seed - 43664882

This seed spawns the players near quite a unique island. While the isle features a villager, there is next to no land outside what the village has generated directly, making the island relatively thin and narrow. Thankfully, the village has spawned with a tree, meaning you’ll have access to renewable wood resources. There is also a blacksmith in the village to help aid progression. While this seed does not have quick access to any of the new 1.19 features, it does offer a fun and unique way to experience a survival world trapped amongst the villagers amid an ocean.

Rare Structures


Rare structures seed - 5389788243039831030
Seed - 5389788243039831030

This is one of the most interesting and stacked seeds on this list. It’s filled with various rare structures and even a mushroom biome! Near the spawn, on 760 -200 coordinates, there’s a village with a blacksmith, and right underneath it, there are a spider and a skeleton spawner which would be perfect for a mob farm. And next to the village, there’ll be a large mushroom biome island with 4 Ocean Temples at each corner. Underneath the mushroom biome, three cave spawners are right next to each other.

Woodland Mansion


Woodland mansion seed - 37021689
Seed - 37021689

This Minecraft seed is great if you’re looking to start your playthrough with easily accessible loot. This seed has a Woodland Mansion couple of blocks from spawn, and outside and literally inside of the mansion, there’s a small village with a blacksmith. There’s also a ruined portal next to the village, so you can easily go to the Nether. And the best part about this seed is the Ancient City which you can find by going straight underground. Find a lush cave under the mansion, and it will guide you straight to even more loot.

Deserted Island


Deserted island seed - 692133274509924
Seed - 692133274509924

This seed will be the perfect choice if you’re looking to start your Minecraft survival playthrough on a small deserted island. You’re going to spawn on a small island that’s half forest, half beach. There are only two other islands surrounding this main one, and on the outskirts of it, there’s a shipwreck – just perfect enough to start with some basic materials. The most interesting part about this main island is a rare lava pool in the shape of a heart placed right in the middle. It’s a unique formation that can’t be seen that often.

Pillager Outpost

4890848222659350158 – (-1312, 70, -336)

Pillager outpost seed - 4890848222659350158
Seed - 4890848222659350158

This seed spawns us next to a Pillager outpost on the edge of a Mangrove swamp biome. If you get closer, the mangrove trees appear to be taking over the outpost, which is cool. You can walk over the mangrove trees to easily get the goat horn from the upper floor’s chest at this outpost. Though, unfortunately, you can’t find an Allay in Minecraft through this outpost.

3 Ancient Cities


First Ancient City Coordinates: 1224, -44, 488
Second Ancient City Coordinates: 1384, -44, 184
Third Ancient City Coordinates: 1624, -44, 104
Stronghold Coordinates: 1641, 6, 339

3 Ancient cities seed - 113283445815570664
Seed - 113283445815570664

This seed spawns 3 ancient cities within 100 blocks of each other. You can get all the loot you will ever need and some more from these structures. But that’s not all. If you move a few steps above the cities, you will find a full-fledged stronghold merged into a mineshaft. Everything in this seed is super rare, and you probably won’t find anything similar in Minecraft anytime soon.


4189766944005904899 – (189, -27, 179)

Mineshaft seed - 4189766944005904899
Seed - 4189766944005904899

Before the new update, the only non-story structure generated inside Minecraft’s cave was the Mineshaft. You could get amazing loot in it after fighting a bunch of basic mobs. But the stakes are high now because the Mineshaft near your spawn leads directly to an Ancient City. Together, they can provide you with all the overworld loot you need. But unless you know how to defeat the Warden, this adventure can turn out to be hell.

Forest Village


Forest village seed - 4651105460712845864
Seed - 4651105460712845864

This world gives you a great start thanks to a nearby forest village, from which you can dive down into the deep ravine below. Keep going, and you’ll soon start to see pockets of Deep Dark biome, followed by another majestic and ominous Ancient City dotted with lavafalls, chests filled with goodies, and mineshafts. It’s a dangerous place down there.

Snow-capped Mountain


Snow capped mountain seed - 7644964991330705060
Seed - 7644964991330705060

Another seed that gives you early access to the new Deep Dark biome, here you’re presented with the gorgeous vista of a snow-capped mountain range surrounded by forest. Delve deep though, and you’ll find yourself in the center of a truly colossal Deep Dark biome filled with numerous Ancient Cities. Have fun exploring – just be wary of the Warden!

Deep Dark biome


Deep Dark biome seed - 2909343002793827664
Seed - 2909343002793827664

The other major change to Minecraft’s worlds with the 1.19 update is the foreboding Deep Dark biome, and the giant Ancient Cities found within. This seed parks you right on the edge of a large Deep Dark biome which you can easily access from the idyllic Roofed Forest on the surface above.

Coastal Mangrove Swamp


Coastal mangrove swamp seed - 8027769604411866328
Seed - 8027769604411866328

Swamps have been among the least interesting biomes you can come across in a Minecraft world for many years. But now, with the release of the Wild Update, they’re finally getting some love with a new sub-biome – the lovely-looking Mangrove Swamp. With this seed you’ll start on the coast of a colossal, sprawling Mangrove Swamp filled with trees, lily pads, water, and doubtless plenty of adorable little frogs, too.