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Best Minecraft Modpacks

There are a few different ways to get mods running with Minecraft, but the easiest and most popular method requires an application called Forge.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1:

Go to the official Forge website.


Download the recommended version of the software. You can also install the latest version of Forge, but it could have some unresolved bugs that will affect your ability to properly run some mods.

Forge download homepage

Step 2:

Download the mods you want to install from a reliable source.

CurseForge is a popular location with hundreds of great mods to choose from.


However, not all mods are compatible with all versions of Minecraft, or even with Forge. Make sure to research the specific mod you’re interested in to find out if it’s compatible with your software.

CurseForge homepage

Step 3:

Create the “mods” folder in the .minecraft directory.

Here’s the address:

C: \Users\ [yourname] \AppData\Roaming\.minecraft

If the AppData folder isn’t visible in File Explorer, click View at the app’s top and then check Hidden Items.
If this is your first mod, there is no “mods” folder within the .minecraft folder. With the .minecraft folder open, right-click within File Explorer and select New followed by Folder on the pop-up menu. Name that folder “mods.”

Step 4:

Move the downloaded mod into the Mods folder.

Step 5:

Run Minecraft, but first make sure your Forge account is active. If not, your mods won’t load properly.
That’s it, but remember there are other mod managers out there too that help you download and install mods or even modpacks.

How to start a Minecraft Server

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Best Mod Manager for Minecraft

Mod managers are really useful since you’ll see all your mods in one place, and you can easily select and control each of them without any hassle. Also, a few mod managers can download mods or modpacks straight from the launcher, so you can browse around and pick one that looks good. Some of the most popular mod managers are:


If you want the best overall control over your mods and instances MultiMC is a good option to choose. You can keep different groups of mods separate from one another, for instance, if you have a few different configurations you enjoy playing. It’s also an umbrella launcher that gives you easy access to installing modpacks from CurseForge, Feed The Beast, Technic, and more.

MultiMC minecraft manager homepage


If you just want to play some of the best modpacks on this list, or quickly join a server that’s using one, the CurseForge launcher will let you do so. It’s an easy-to-use mod launcher that handles mods for lots of other games as well, so you may already be using it. There are tons of modpacks for all versions of Minecraft on CurseForge, so you can find just about anything you’re looking to try, and download them with just a click.

CurseForge mod launcher

Feed The Beast

Feed The Beast is another platform full of great modpacks and uses its own launcher. It’s the best option if you’re only interested in loading up FTB Revelation or FTB Infinity. New modpacks get added to FTB pretty regularly, so it’s a handy way to try out new ways to play without managing your own mods list.

Feed The Beast minecraft modpack launcher

Minecraft Modpacks

SkyFactory 4

SkyFactory 4 Modpack – SkyFactory 4 (SF4) is definitely one of the most fun modpacks you can play in Minecraft. It is skyblock on steroids, and from the name, you can probably guess what you will be doing. Building a factory in the sky of course! You will start on a small chunk of land with a tree, which is standard for all skyblock maps. Next, you’ll have to progress through the pack to expand your island and obtain all the other items in the game. The progression will take you from getting resources from special trees, making a mob farm, generating power, and eventually applying all the best Minecraft enchants. It’s quite different from Sky Factory 3 (SF3), for example, there is no more sifting for resources. The majority of resources are obtained from trees in this version and there’s also no draconic evolution. There are many different variations of skyblock, however, SkyFactory 3 and 4 are the most popular variants. SkyFactory 4 is definitely worth checking out if you want to play a Minecraft modpack in 2022. You can download the modpack from the website.

Download link:


or straight from the CurseForge Launcher.


RLCraft Modpack- This “real life” style Minecraft modpack features more realistic graphics and very challenging gameplay. This pack is a good choice for veteran players who are bored of plain old Minecraft and want to change up their gameplay drastically. Many basic mechanics get changed in this pack to make survival Minecraft challenging. There can be dragons flying around in the main world and you could be killed in one shot just walking around! Don’t believe me? Just check out the video above for a sneak peek of what you can expect. This pack is not for the faint-hearted and the creator even warns players that “they will die… a lot”. Despite being so challenging, RLCraft is one of the most popular Minecraft modpacks. In fact, as of January 2022, it was the most downloaded modpack of all time on CurseForge, with 10.7 million downloads.

Download link:


RLCraft minecraft modpack

Valhelsia 3

Valhelsia 3 – Most modpacks are running on older versions of Minecraft, however, Valhelsia 3 runs on Minecraft 1.16 which is a newer version than most other modpacks. This means that you will have more up-to-date content in Minecraft, but some popular mods will be missing since they run on older versions. For example, some popular mods missing from this pack include Draconic Evolution, Tinker’s Construct, and EnderIO. You will still find a lot of great mods in this pack, including some of my favorites: Botania, Biomes O’ Plenty (which adds lots of new Minecraft biomes!), and Immersive Engineering. If you are wanting to try out a more updated version of Minecraft while still having mods, Valhelsia 3 is a great option for you.

Download link:


or the CurseForge Launcher.

Valhelsia 3 minecraft modpack

Better Minecraft

Better Minecraft – Next up on our list is Better Minecraft. As the name suggests, this mod pack aims to enhance your Minecraft experience. Thanks to the brand new biomes, dungeons, structures, and many other things, the world is completely overhauled. Basically, you’ll be playing the same game but with a lot more content. For example, you’ll be facing off new pillagers types, trading with villagers with new jobs, farming tomatoes, and rice, and taming the ender dragon. There are hours of fun awaiting you!

Download link:


Better minecraft modpack


Pixelmon – Pokémon has reached down to the Minecraft world in the form of the Pixelmon mod, and the Pixelmon modpack optimizes it with a few select additions. Here, you can search the world for rare and unusual Pokémon, capture them with pokéballs that you purchase in towns or make yourself, breed Pokémon to optimize them, and battle against other players, NPC trainers, or boss/mega evolved Pokémon in the wild. Supremely open-ended and the perfect playground to create a multiplayer server (or just mess around living your best trainer life) Pixelmon is a supremely unique experience that captures some of the best of the Pokémon games.

Download link:


or CurseForge launcher

Pixelmon minecraft modpack

Farming Valley

Farming Valley – In heavy contrast to most of this list, this is one of the best Minecraft modpacks for people that just want to chill. Based on the game Stardew Valley your goal is to start a small town and progress through the pack by farming, harvesting, selling your resources to local NPCs, then using that money to purchase more things. The modpack has the traditional four seasons, each with special crops to plant and sell. It even has the actual music from Stardew Valley!

Download link:


Farming Valley minecraft modpack


Hexxit – A Dungeons and Dragons-type adventure-based Minecraft modpack, you’ll spend your time clearing out towering spires, dungeons, and ruins all filled with beastly creatures and treasure. This modpack is all about adventure; tame beasts, create artifacts, and fight your way through the world’s 47 different biomes while carving out a legendary tale of your own!

Download link:


Hexxit minecraft modpack

Space Astronomy 2

Space Astronomy 2 – Explore the universe in this wonderful science, space, and adventure-based Minecraft modpack, with lots of sci-fi machinery, rockets, jetpacks, alien planets, and much more! This one’s for the science junkies not looking for crazy creatures but for complicated machines and a long list of advancements to complete all while exploring the galaxy!

Download link:


Space Astronomy 2 minecraft modpack

Engineers Life 2

Engineers Life 2 – Focused on using fewer mods with more impact, Engineer’s Life 2 centers around the excellent Immersive Engineering mod (which you’ll find out more about in our individual mods). It adds a variety of quality-of-life improvements, quests, and things to explore, and revolves around creating interesting-looking technology-focused builds at your own pace. It also contains some additions for the explorer that lives in us all, with refinements on underground dungeons and mob spawners and quest-based progression.

Download Link:


Engineers Life 2 minecraft modpack

Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons

Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons – Another dungeon exploration-based Minecraft modpack, RAD is all about exploring, fighting, and looting. With 9 different dimensions to explore all with unique dungeons and bosses, as well as airships, wizardry, quests, and tamable dragons you’re set for an inimitable experience. As you complete quests and grow stronger, so too will the world’s monsters, so there’s no time to relax on this adventure!

Download Link:


Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons minecraft modpack

SevTech: Ages

SevTech: Ages – One of the best Minecraft modpacks you’ll find for progress-based gameplay! You start out with nothing and very limited access to mods, ores, recipes, items, and more. As you progress through the hundreds of custom advancements in the modpack you’ll advance to new ‘Ages’, giving you access to a wider range of mods and things to work through. All advancements are individual and not server-wide, so it’s perfect for playing with friends!

Download Link:


SevTech Ages minecraft modpack


Infinity – For players that enjoy a challenge, Infinity can be a great modpack to try. It’s primarily focused on combat but also adventuring through dungeons and defeating powerful foes. Players can create new gear and equipment, improving their capabilities and battling increasingly powerful foes and even bosses. It doesn’t end there either. Players can also conduct alchemy and learn magical spells, improving their abilities even further. The difficulty increases over time, so Minecraft players have time to learn the ropes before things get tough.

Download Link:


Infinity minecraft modpack

FTB Revelation

FTB Revelation: An enormous pack, Revelation has a bottomless well of mods of all kinds. If you want to sort through a near-endless pile of options for your experience, Revelation brings in everything from magic mods like Botania and Thaumcraft to technology in Immersive Engineering and EnderIO and combines them with quality of life and other mods both obscure and popular. In total, Revelation is the largest pack on the Feed the Beast launcher, and you can easily get lost in it. It is not pointed at a certain style or theme, it is designed to cater to a large number of players, whether you like tech mods, magic mods, exploration, building, or all of those then this pack is for you.
Download Link:


FTB Revelation minecraft modpack