Best Podcast Platforms to use in 2024

Podcast platforms review

Best Podcast Platform Overall

Buzzsprout logo


Buzzsprout offers free podcast hosting so this is great for beginners. They also have loads of free tutorials and help.

Best Podcast Platform for User Friendliness

PodBean Logo


PodBean is really easy to use and has a great distribution network, social sharing, and easy tools to embed your podcast player.

Best Podcast Platform for an All in One Package

Transistor Logo


Transistor gives you everything you need to be a specialist podcaster, streaming unrestricted events and advanced analytics.

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Best Podcast Hosting Platforms?

If you want to know how to start podcasting or you want to know how it works, this helpful beginner’s guide to the best podcast hosting sites will help you on your way. You can be live soon. In this article, we will talk about what exactly a podcast is and the different podcast platforms for launching your podcast, including the pros and cons of each, so you can choose one that fits your expectations without long research. By the end, you’ll know where to start podcasting, and choose the right path for yourself.

For anyone who wants to create a podcast, finding the best podcast platform is an absolute must it’s the most important part. Before anyone can begin distributing a podcast, they need a place to store the files and keep the feed file that will tell their subscribers about the new episodes available.

A podcast is typically a live or pre-recorded series of audio files recorded using podcast recording software that is available for listening to or downloading on the internet. Each recording is defined as a podcast episode. Podcasts are hosted by a person, or more who talks about different topics shares stories, or reports recent news. A podcaster creates podcasts. Podcasting is a convenient and widely accessible medium for listeners alike. Podcasters are not limited by regulations or approvals, like radio stations or television shows, so they can often say what they really think about a specific topic, and talk just about anything. There is a wide variety of podcasts, so everyone can find the one that suits them the best. The countless podcast types include video games, politics, story-telling, news, interviews, and so on. Many times these are combined, so you’ll always have a different set of topics to hear about. Special guests are appearing in a podcast sometimes too, so you’ll be surprised to find your favorite celebrity on the show.

Here are my top picks for 2024’s best podcast platform sites.

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Finding the best podcast platform

Best Podcast Platform
Podcast recording

Buzzsprout, Podbean, Simplecast, Captivate, Libsyn, Spreaker, Fusebox, and Castos are the strongest Podcast hosting firms. Starting a new podcast can be thrilling. You can create the podcast episodes you are interested in producing, purchase brilliant new tools, record audio, and share with the world your own show.

But don’t forget you need to choose a framework, to begin with. Differing podcasters may require different hosting services, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach

This guide to the best podcast platform will give you the best choices to enable you to concentrate on producing excellent podcasts for your listeners.

Buzzsprout is my #1 best podcast hosting platform option for several reasons. They are a host that has been in operation since 2009 and has no upfront costs or billing. But I find the overriding factor is that Buzzsprout is so easy to use.

Buzzsprout best free podcast hosting.

Buzzsprout Podcast Platform homepage
Buzzsprout Podcast Platform review

Key Features:

Buzzsprout allows you to stream your podcast on multiple platforms such as Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Deezer, iHeart Radio, and others, which is a huge time saver. In addition, you can manage your channel coverage, and Showtime’s, and even schedule your podcasts over time. Another great feature is an embeddable podcast player that allows you to add beautiful widgets to your blog. They have a competitive price, and it’s easy to use. Does everything a podcaster needs: support, promote and help you track data. They are always adding new features to the platform, and they are focusing on product development.

Ease of use:

Buzzsprout is inexpensive and really easy to use – making it easy for a newbie to get started. Both starters and experienced podcasters can easily do their show on the platform with a few clicks. There are a lot of good features which you can use without a hassle.

Buzzsprout Embedded Podcast Player
Buzzsprout gives you an Embedded Podcast Player

Pros and Cons of Buzzsprout:


Buzzsprout offers free podcast hosting but it does have limitations. Paid plans start at $12 per month.

My opinion:

With its unique integration options and affiliate marketplace, Buzzsprout is a compelling option for podcast hosting – especially considering a free option is available; however, their upload limits can limit the length of content. Buzzsprout does offer a lot of value, and it shows in the type of features it offers for both newbies and experienced podcasters. Buzzsprout is a great option for podcast hosting. Buzzsprout also has informative video guides on how to Podcast.

And Buzzsprout has a special bonus for my readers, if you take out a paid plan on your second payment you will receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card.

Just remember the team at Buzzsprout is passionate about helping you succeed.

Buzzsprout review rating:

PodBean is #2 on my list of best podcast platform choices, with unlimited podcast hosting, distribution, and marketing services on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon, Alexa, and all the significant devices.

Podbean has a free trial.

PodBean Podcast Platform homepage
PodBean Podcast Platform review

Key features:

PodBean offers both free and paid accounts to podcasters. They also offer a unique feature with their unlimited plus and business plans known as the Patron Program, which allows the host to charge listeners to receive bonus content, which is otherwise not available. It also gives out basic stats of your podcast; you get a free website with free themes. PodBean has a mobile app, and a podcast player. PodBean offers a free plan with good benefits.

Ease of use:

Signing up is easy, and accessing the dashboard was simple as well. A really nice feature is the automatic social share option. You can connect your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to automatically share new episodes upon their release. You can also record and publish an episode from within the app for the platform.

PodBean live stream podcast
PodBean livestream podcast

Pros and Cons of PodBean:


PodBean offers basic free podcast hosting. Paid plans start at $9 per month 

My opinion:

Launching your podcast on PodBean is simple thanks to the clean interface. They offer different plans, and also a free one with fairly good benefits. The platform has a nice selection of features, including a free website, mobile app, patron program, and embeddable players for your website. Although it is a great platform, there are some limitations such as the lack of podcast backups, limitations for free accounts, and the short time you can request a refund. If you are looking for one of the best podcast hosting platform to start, you can choose Podbean for free.

3. is  #3 on my list of best podcast platform choices, they offer unlimited bandwidth and storage plus it’s free to start.

Monetize your podcast with podcorn. Podcast Platform homepage Podcast Platform review

Key features:

No matter which price tier you select, you can monetize your podcast with sponsors. partners with Podcorn, which has no minimum download requirement. You can have a donation button so your audience can send you some money. has chapter markers, so you can highlight specific sections. Create soundbites to promote your show. Not only do you get an easy-to-use web page for your podcast, but also they provide an embed code to share your podcast episodes on websites.

Ease of use: allows podcasters to easily manage their shows with its simple, intuitive interface that can be accessed on desktops, smartphones, and tablets. On you can get a podcast running in a few minutes and a few clicks. gives all of its users a free podcasting website that’s automatically updated with your latest episodes. all in one dashboard easy to use dashboard

Pros and Cons of

Pricing: offer a discount for students starting at $4.99 per month. Their All In One Podcasting starts at $14.99 per month.

My opinion:

If you’re starting your first podcast and need just the essential features, is a good choice. If you’re not a newbie, but an experienced podcaster, and enjoy doing most of the work yourself, you won’t find any distractions getting in your way.



RedCircle is #4 on my list of best podcast platform choices, although unique in the fact you can’t record your podcast the RAP ad platform makes it worth the inclusion on my list.

Monetize multiple podcasts.

RedCircle Podcast Platform homepage
RedCircle Podcast Platform review

Key features:

RedCircle provides great analytics the UI is modern and easy to use. It is cost-effective, has good value for money, you can manage multiple podcasts, and they have excellent features. It offers most of what podcasters are looking for in exchange for a cheap price. Keep in mind that RedCircle does not offer podcasting or live streaming, its primary focus is on monetization.

Ease of use:

RedCircle provides a user-friendly, easy-to-use platform with a great and clean user interface with additional unique features that enhance the user experience as well. The users get paid quickly and they have unlimited hosting.

Pros and Cons of RedCircle:

Ease of use:

$12 per month for podcast hosting. With a 7-day free trial.

My opinion:

RedCircle is a monetization hosting platform. Most of its features are geared toward the monetization process and equipping podcasters with the ability to maximize their revenue streams. Without any creation and editing functionality, RedCircle is best for podcasters who want a nice platform that helps them to make money from their show.



Riverside is #5 on my list of best podcast platform choices, although a relative newcomer (formed in 2019) they have gained ground fast because of their studio-quality podcast recording ethos.

Record podcasts and videos in studio quality.

Riverside Podcast Platform homepage
Riverside Podcast Platform review

Key features:

The interface is really well-designed and clean, you can easily find what you are looking for. It has the best quality in recording, no matter where you are recording. It can do 4k videos, studio-quality sound, and pictures. It’s very easy to use even if you are a beginner. It stores your data in the cloud, so it is easily accessible.

Ease of use:

It is by far the easiest platform to record studio-quality sound and video. The interface also helps here, as it is very clean and easy to use, even for a beginner. Its stability and good features make it a great platform. It’s great both for guests and hosters, and it is not affected by internet bandwidth.

Riverside upto 4K recording
Riverside has up to 4K recording

Pros and Cons of Riverside:


Riverside offers free podcast hosting (files are watermarked). Standard podcast hosting is $19 per month.

My opinion:

Riverside is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get started in podcasting, the studio-type sound, and video quality, the easy-to-use, and clean interface, and its stability at an affordable price make Riverside a really good choice for anyone.

Effective Specialist Podcast Hosting and Tracking ($19-99 a month)Transistor is a high-quality, specialized service that hosts a variety of popular podcasts including Drift, Honeybadger, and Cards Against Humanity.

Easily submit your podcast.

Transistor Podcast Platform homepage
Transistor podcast Platform review

Key features:

Transistor is a modern podcasting platform and is highly rated for customer service, affordable pricing, easy to use, allows you to do multiple podcasts, and gives you detailed analytics about your podcasts. It’s a good choice for business, church, and education podcasts, and is used by many indie podcast creators

Ease of use:

Transistor has a clear interface where all the steps are straightforward. Whether it’s your first time setting up a podcast, or you want better visibility, their interface is very welcoming. You can drag and drop your audio and cover art files. It can’t be simpler. Additionally, there’s plenty of opportunity to try all aspects of this host and see how it works, before you commit financially. The 14-day free trial means that there’s no intimidation.

Transistor easy to submit pocasts
Transistor easily submits your podcast

Pros and Cons of Transistor:


Transistor has a 14-day free trial before they bill you.  Which starts at $19 per month.

My opinion:

Transistor is a great platform. It’s easy to use and designed with podcasters in mind. Its core functionality works well and streamlines the process. However, podcasters seeking additional features or the ability to create, live stream, or monetize from their podcast hosting platform will probably want to look elsewhere. However, if you’re working on more than one show, Transistor is a perfect option. The ability to add multiple team members and have any number of shows associated with your single account for one fixed price is invaluable.



Since its founding in 2004, Libsyn—a combination of Liberated and Syndication—has remained committed to its mission of granting podcasters the flexibility to publish the podcast they choose while maintaining ownership over their content.

Libsyn Podcast Platform homepage
Libsyn Podcast platform review

Key features:

A simple user interface where you can access everything you would want like analytics and features. Libsyn can create a custom website for your podcast with a couple of clicks. Great monetization options and you can publish your show to just about every major platform out there. You can build your own iOS or Android app, where your podcast’s new episodes can be scheduled or be released as exclusive content. It does not downgrade your file’s quality.

Ease of use:

Libsyn has a clear user interface with an easy-to-use dashboard where you can access all of your important analytics and features by clicking a few buttons. Libsyn makes it easy for you to make a quick website about your podcast, monetize your show, publish your podcast on every platform where podcasts are consumed, and even build a custom app for iOS or Android, where you can schedule your new episodes and release early and exclusive content to encourage listeners to download it.

Libsyn Podcast with great social media sharing
Spreaker live Broadcast

Pros and Cons of Libsyn:


Libsyn has one of the cheapest podcast hosting plans from $5 per month limited to 3hrs per month of new uploads.

My opinion:

Libsyn is one of the safest bets when it comes to choosing the right podcast hosting, and they’ve been at it for a long time. Over the years, the interface switched from being confusing and offputting to simple and effective. Their $5 tier is one of the best value for money on the market, so it’s ideal for someone who is just starting out. And when you are confident enough, you can start dabbling with their various tools like monetization and getting your own app.



Spreaker is part of iHeartMedia and they are the #1 Podcast Publisher with more than 50 Hit Shows and > 1MM Monthly Downloads.

Spreaker Podcast Platform homepage
Spreaker Podcast Platform review

Key features:

If you’ve downloaded Spreaker Studio onto your computer or mobile, you can live broadcast audio at any time, and go live to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or iHeartRadio.
If you’ve got more than 5000 monthly downloads, you’re eligible for Spreaker Prime which allows you to automatically insert ads into your episodes.
In your Spreaker CMS, you can connect your social platforms and enable auto-social sharing.

Ease of use:

Spreaker is made to be simple to use, logical, and intelligent. There is no learning curve for the interface, which is simple. Despite how awkward the recording procedure is.

Spreaker Live Broadcast
Spreaker live Broadcast

Pros and Cons of Spreaker:


Spreaker has a basic free tier then starts at €8 per month.

My opinion:

Spreaker offers a great deal and is a genuine all-rounder when it comes to podcasting. However, given that the free and lower-tier subscriptions exclude some core features and have upload and storage limits, there are probably better options with more features available for beginners. It’s the perfect fit for a mid-range podcaster (with a bigger budget) searching for an all-in-one solution.



Simplecast was launched in 2013 and is associated with some big companies using their podcast platform such as well-known creators and brands — Facebook, Politico, Shopify, TechCrunch, Harvard, Twitter, and Fast Company, just to name a few.

Recast for easy podcast sharing.

Simplecast Podcast Platform homepage
Simplecast Podcast Platform review

Key features:

Simplecast has a great feature called Recast, once you’ve added an episode to your podcast It makes it easy to create snippets of audio that are perfect for sharing on social media and blogs.
There are three types of Simplecast media player that are available on different plans:
Standard Simplecast Audio Player, Simplecast Mini Player and Simplecast Show Player
Simplecast’s API makes it possible to build your very own podcasting experience. You can build out your own website, uploading tool, listening app, and even your own analytics dashboard.

Ease of use:

Simplecast lives up to its name with a sleek and simple interface that is stylishly designed and extremely user-friendly. Simplecast makes it easy to share your podcasts on social media. Recast is their ‘social sharing tool’
You get a customizable podcast website with the option to use your own branded domain.

Simplecast Recast
Podcast sharing with Simplecast Recast

Pros and Cons of Simplecast:


Simplecast includes everything you need to get started for an audio podcast but it’s $15 per month.

My opinion:

If you’re in the market for a focused podcasting tool that values data and analytics, Simplecast is for you. It’s a powerful platform that will streamline your distribution and management processes. And the high-power analytics and audience insights are ideal for podcasters looking to really understand their podcast’s performance



A relative newcomer to Podcast Hosting Platforms, but they are building a very high reputation with all the Podcast management tools they have to offer.

Podcast management tools.

Podcastics Podcast Platform homepage
Podcastics Podcast Platform review

Key features:

High-quality audio players to embed into any website.
Save time by uploading your episodes at a later date using the schedule option.
Magic link that redirects your listener to Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, or your website depending on the device they use to listen on
Ad networks
CDN optimized. Your files are automatically duplicated on a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Ease of use:

Sleek and easy-to-use interface, with a great support ticket system.
Once you’ve logged in, you can switch between your podcasts with one click.
You get an automatically generated website that you can easily customize.
All your analytics can be seen with a click.
Their Magic link function allows you to automatically redirect your listeners to your website or your Apple/Google podcast page.

Podcastics easy to use interface
Podcastics has an easy to use interface

Pros and Cons of Podcastics:


Podcastics give you 1 month free but this will not include podcast hosting. If you need podcast hosting the plans start at $8 per month.

My opinion:

Podcastics make hosting a podcast quick and easy. You can set up your preferences in minutes and get started on adding user permissions.
For those who have a podcast in place, you can import your content from any RSS feed or Apple podcasts. Or, you can start uploading content yourself via the dashboard.
When it comes to broadcasting, you have plenty of options to customize your episodes. These include editing your audio feeds, scheduling episodes, and including smart links with every new post.
You can also enjoy some of their other smart features, such as built-in QR codes and podcast surveys.



Another new Podcast Hosting Platform was born in the UK with a huge podcasting help section on their blog.

Best podcast analytics

Captivate Podcast Platform homepage
Captivate Podcast Platform review

Key features:

Unlimited team members can be onboard.
Unlimited podcasts
Uploads in batches
Powerful analytics
There are built-in opt-in forms and calls-to-action to assist you in expanding your email list,
It comes with a website that can be customized and has donation support built-in.

Ease of use:

Captivate was clearly designed by podcasters, for podcasters. It is really simple and straightforward with a good interface design that is not confusing. The feature called AMIE assistant, allows you to insert pre and post-roll content. With this feature, you can add an intro or an outro to all your podcasts, and bulk update them in a single click.

Captivate has a great user interface
Captivate Podcast Hosting with great analytics

Pros and Cons of Captivate:


Captivate has a 7-day free trial with access to all they offer. Paid podcast hosting starts at $19 per month.

My opinion:

Captivate is doing a lot of things right, even though they are new. If you’re a solo content creator looking for a podcast hosting platform that’s both simple to use and focused on helping you build your podcast, they should be on your list.



Castos has its own WordPress plugin Seriously Simple Podcasting. so if you already have a WordPress-made website it’s with a look.

WordPress plugin integration for podcasting

Castos Podcast Platform homepage
Castos Podcast Platform review

Key features:

Podcast player
Automated YouTube Republishing
Customizable Podcast Websites
WordPress Plugin
Integrations with several third-party tools

Ease of use:

Moving your podcast to Castos’ platform is as simple as it should be. They’ll take care of the rest with just one click. You get a website that you can easily customize to make it your own and align its look with your podcast. If you’re a WordPress user, you can make use of Castos’ „Seriously Simple Podcasting” WordPress plugin.

Castos WordPress Seriously Simple Podcasting
Castos WordPress Podcast Management

Pros and Cons of Castos:


Castos starter plan for podcasters is $19 per month.

My opinion:

For podcasters who are just starting out or in the middle of their growth journey, Castos offers a reliable podcast host. You can produce as much as you like because there are no restrictions on the number of podcasts you can host with them or the volume of audio you can upload. That so, podcasters with larger audiences may find it difficult to meet the download restrictions and the limit on the number of private subscribers they can have.



Fusebox is Co-founded by Pat Flynn, an entrepreneur icon in the podcasting industry.

Lots of podcasting tools.

Fusebox Podcast Platform homepage
Fusebox Podcast Platform review

Key features:

Email Capture Tool
Sticky Player
Full Player & Fusebox Podcast Player
Customizable Display
Subscription, Social Sharing, & Download Button
Built-in Mobile Player
Podcast Transcript Plugin.

Ease of use:

Fusebox offers a wide range of extra features that are easy to use. It gives your audience the ability to browse your archive of old episodes, instead of simply displaying your most recent release. It also makes it easier for people to download your podcast and promotes wider social sharing.

Fusebox essential analytics
Fusebox essential analytics

Pros and Cons of Fusebox:


Fusebox podcast plugin starts at $9 per month.

My opinion:

No matter your level of skill, Fusebox is a fantastic podcast plugin with many features. Although there are likely better free options available, the Pro version combines all the greatest features with the more recent transcript plugin.


Podcast Websites

Built for use on the WordPress platform.

Everything you need to create, grow, and monetize your podcast.

Podcast Websites Podcast Platform homepage
Podcast Websites Podcast Platform review

Key features:

WordPress Podcast Themes
Podcast Website Membership Benefits
A Seamless Podcasting Platform
24/7 Customer Support
Native Integrations

Ease of use:

Although the interface may be confusing at times, they offer you a pretty nice website builder. They have many free-to-use tutorial videos that help you. The website has simple built-in integrations. They have 24/7 support so you can get help anytime.

Podcast Success Academy
Podcast Success Academy

Pros and Cons of Podcast Websites:


Podcast Websites is a complete WordPress podcast hosting site for you. but it’s $97 per month.

My opinion:

Podcast Websites is an all-in-one podcasting platform. It can give you a WordPress website along with web hosting, a free domain name, and an email address. This company has been created by two long-time and well-known podcasters. They have a great understanding of what new podcasters in the market might need.



According to Audioboom, their user-friendly, affordable service combines technical assistance, production know-how, and ad sales know-how to make podcasts accessible and lucrative for podcasters, advertisers, and brands.

Audioboom Podcast Platform homepage
Audioboom Podcast Platform review

Key features:

Audioboom Private Podcasts
Audioboom SHOWCASE
Customizable podcast page
Embeddable media player
Advanced Analytics
Ability to add collaborators.

Ease of use:

Audioboom provides an easy-to-use interface for uploading and hosting episodes of the podcast. Additionally, it offers an import function that enables you to rapidly import your current podcasts into Audioboom. You can fulfill your podcasting dream in just a few simple steps.

Audioboom making your Podcast content
Making your Podcast content

Pros and Cons of Audioboom:


Audioboom podcast hosting starts at $9.99 per month.

My opinion:

When it comes to hosting and delivering your podcast, Audioboom’s entry-level plan for independent podcasters is a strong offering. However, smaller shows will definitely find better value elsewhere as they won’t have access to all of Audioboom’s services. Audioboom is a fantastic option if you’re a professional podcaster trying to monetize through advertising

Who listens to your podcasts?

A whopping 68 million Americans, nearly 1 in 4 tunes in monthly, these regular listeners tend to be educated, millennial, and male.

Who's Listening to your Podcast, information infographic

What podcast genres are most popular?

Chart-Topping podcast genres.

  1. Comedy 48%
  2. Education 40%
  3. News 38%
  4. Sports 27%
  5. Politics 22%
  6. Gaming 18%
  7. Technology 16%
  8. SciFi 16%
Podcast Genre Infographic
Podcast Genre Infographic

Recommended Reading

if you are still struggling to find your best podcast hosting platform after reading through all my reviews, here are some top sites for you to look at.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a podcast?

A podcast is an episodic series of digital audio files that users can download to listen to. The word "podcast" is a portmanteau of "iPod" and "broadcast." It can be downloaded in MP3 format or streamed over the internet. Podcasts are like TV shows that you listen to rather than watch. They may cover various topics, including comedy, advice, talk shows, and educational courses.

2. How to start a podcast?

To start a podcast, the most important thing is to be knowledgeable about a specific topic. To follow as a beginner, here are some steps that you can follow:

  • Select the perfect podcast topic
  • Choose your podcast name
  • Create an engaging Podcast Description
  • Get your podcast artwork and music created
  • Buy the podcast equipment and check the selected podcasting software
  • Choose a good podcast hosting service
  • Record your podcast episodes properly
  • Finally, make it public

3. How to listen to podcasts?

Podcasts are super easy to listen to. You can stream them from sites like iTunes or use a smartphone app like Spotify or SoundCloud. If you are new to podcasts and don't know how to get started, check out this.

4. How do podcasts make money?

The most common way people make money from podcasting is by hosting ads during the show. Ads from sponsors are usually short and easy to read compared to long commercials on TV. Also, the ads are generally read by the host, so they are more like a brief commercial. Some podcasters make money by selling books, courses, or other products, and they read small ads for them. Some people get sponsors to pay them monthly, so they have the money to pay for their website and other podcasting equipment. The most popular way is to sell a unique sponsorship package to a sponsor. This may include ads read by the host, announced by the host, with a special intro and outro produced by the podcast, mentions of the sponsor during the show, and a special episode. Some podcasters make money by asking for donations from their listeners.

5. Which podcast app is best for android?

Google Podcast is not a bad option, but it doesn't have a lot of podcasts, and it's not as fun to use. PocketCasts is the best podcast app for android, but Spotify is a close second. PocketCasts has both free and paid versions, and the paid version is worth it. It's ad-free, allows you to sync your podcasts across multiple devices, has a lot of customization options, and has an excellent web interface. PocketCasts also has a web interface for a computer required for syncing.

6. Which podcast app is best for iPhone?

The app that is considered a gold standard right now is called Overcast. It's a podcast player with many convenient extra features piled on top of it. New users will love how easy it is to get started, and the app has a lot to help you get used to it. In addition, it even has a bunch of neat stuff that lets you style the app to your tastes. The app comes with many visual themes to fit in with your iPhone's overall look and feel nice.

7. How do podcast ads work?

Podcast ads are essentially the same as radio ads. Believe it or not, podcast ads outperform those on the radio. A podcast ad is essentially a radio ad done over the internet. This allows the advertiser to target a specific audience rather than a whole metropolitan area. Podcast ads can be very effective in reaching people exactly where they are looking for products and services.

8. Where should I submit my podcast?

Podcasting is a great way to grow your audience and promote your brand. It's also effortless to get started. A podcast directory is the place to submit your podcast:

  • Apple Podcast (iTunes)
  • Spotify
  • Google Podcast
  • Stitcher
  • TuneIn
  • Amazon Music and Audible
  • iHeartRadio
  • Podchaser