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Last Updated on 07/04/2024 by Gaz S

Hi, did you know one way that free websites like this one can afford to be around is through affiliate links?

Come on, you might be new to creating a website online, but you’re not a rookie to the internet–you know that, of course.

What you might not have noticed (until we’re making it highly obvious, as the FTC puts it) is that this website is being funded this way.

What that means is that, whilst we actually spend time and money needed to create and run such a professional website, this site is and continues 100 percent free for you, forever, through partnerships with someone else.

If you find a product or service that we may be reviewing interesting enough to try in one of our articles or written advice, we may get a small fee if you purchase that product or service.

You will never have any extra charges (you can even get nice discounts sometimes).

The companies we’ve partnered with, not you, pay certain commissions.

We try to include as many viewpoints and perspectives as possible to our analysis and guides. Please read other people’s comments before making a purchase from any website which you may find yourself on after clicking any link on our site.

If you still have questions, contact us here.