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What are the Benefits of Social Media Management Tools?

Social Media Management Tools are software designed to allow users to post, track and control one or more of their social media networks from a single platform. Not only does this make it easier for you to share and plan content on your social networks from one location to another, but it also makes it easier for you to respond to customers who comment on anything you post or send a message. It can also make it easier for teams to work together to handle one or more social streams.

Tools that specialize in social media customer support will provide a centralized inbox where employees or service representatives can access all customer messages and requests through social networks. This gives businesses a unified view of customer interaction with their brand online.

Monitoring of social engagement

Marketers can quickly reach out to their targeted consumers with the aid of social media brands. Whether it’s asking questions or gaining encouragement, brands now have a direct line to get input from their customers and, no doubt, they’re taking full advantage of it.

However, the situation becomes serious when it comes to testing almost thousands of social interactions. This is the moment that social media monitoring tools come into the picture since they allow them to see and monitor all social interactions in one place.

Manage several social accounts

Some businesses depend on various social profiles and networks for their marketing efforts, which can make social management exponentially more complicated. There are several reasons why an organisation would have several social pages (different product lines, departments, places, etc.). Imagine how much more complicated it would be to handle them if you had to log in and out of each person profile and network to review all your messages.

Social media tools will merge messages sent to all of your profiles and networks in one place, saving you the time and effort required to juggle accounts continually.

Develop and sustain partnerships

Each customer is special and important to businesses. Businesses can not afford to lose them at any expense whatsoever. That’s why they always want to keep track of every single customer; their contact and their needs/demands. This is a challenging mission, but it can be done with the aid of social media management tools.

Social media management tools allow managers to take the appropriate notes when and when necessary and to respond to customers appropriately.

Increase Social Transparency

Smart social media management systems will reduce the brand’s risk by offering additional layers and permissions such that only trustworthy employees can send messages to the accounts. If something ever falls through the cracks, you’ll be able to see who sent the wrong message, allowing you to deal with each situation accordingly.

Create a Calendar for Social Editorial

Often businesses can put out social posts very quickly, depending on real-time marketing to notify their content strategies. While these posts can deliver fantastic results, companies should balance their posting with well-thought-out, scheduled social media content.

Social media management tools provide you with the opportunity to think about your posting plan and time your content accordingly. Plan months and free up some of your time to continue to connect with your customers.

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Tips for using Social Media Management Tools

Concentrate on quality

Everyone is now on the social scene. They can go unnoticed unless your posts add unique value or stand out in some way. You need to share content worthy of retweets and to be passed on to friends and peers. If it is all mediocre and uninspired, it doesn’t matter how often you share content. Think of evergreen content that reacts to a new, urgent query or satire that resonates wildly with your target audience.

Plan budgets according to the success of platforms

Time is all-important; how this resource is managed will determine how well you perform on social issues. Plan to spend your time and resources based on the returns each platform provides you with.

Compare social channel costs and conversion rates, and spend more in your top network. You need unique URLs for every network to define social platform-specific conversions. If you are using a tool such as this one, they are very easy to make.

Guide people to your website

Make sure you have targets in mind when preparing your content, such as growing website traffic. What counts is where your position relates to your content and in what way.

ConstantContact, for example, placed a link within this SlideShare deck back to their website, leading to a web page that listed related blog posts.

Avoid over-posting & under-posting

The frequency of posting on social media is a topic that has been put to death. Again, for all, there’s no universal frequency that works. You can get valuable insights by paying careful attention to metrics.
Don’t overdo posting socially. There’s no turning back if you’re viewed as spam or distracting.

Hold out the feelers

Let’s say you and your team finalised in one meeting a social media marketing strategy for the rest in 2017, and your analytics results have looked fantastic over the past few weeks. Was it all resolved then? Actually not.

As you read this, the social media environment is diverse and may be experiencing a change. Yesterday’s news may have changed their mind on something critical. It doesn’t only have to be social media news; it could be an announcement from an alternate channel that could influence the current plan for social media.

Be refreshingly real

Social networks, especially when it comes to real people, are all about real people. It’s important to share the human side of your brand because people interact better with faces than with logos.

That’s likely why companies founded on strong personal brands appear to thrive. Through giving it a personality, you could also humanise the company, as Taco Bell’s team has provided the fast-food company through regularly tweeting with wit and sass that people look forward to reading.

Use the right tools

The tools you select will decide the strength of your entire plan for social media marketing. Think of it as getting a home constructed. It would fall to the ground if you started by putting up drywall or building a deck. First, you have to lay down a steady base. The same goes for your social networking plan. Having the right resources will ensure the plan runs seamlessly.

You’ll need to determine which social media scheduling tools you’ll be using to plan your social content. Weigh up your choices – every business has different needs and requirements.

How do Social Media Management Tools work?

Want to know how Social Media Management tools can help make your social interaction easy, check out this guide from Buffer.

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What is the best Social Media Management Tools?

1. Crowdfire Review

Crowdfire claims to be Twitter and Instagram’s most prominent marketing product and provides smart features that, through its Clean-Engage-Grow philosophy, guarantee fast growth on social media. It helps organisations reach a larger audience as well as individuals and develop their business.

It is a powerful solution that can be accessed by Mobile, Android and iOS apps to draw targeted followers on Twitter and Instagram. It drives ties that help its users achieve their goals in social media, including brand awareness, brand success, increased sales and fans. Launched as JustUnfollow in 2010, it switched to Crowdfire in 2015 and now has over 19 million users, including organisations of all sizes, people and entrepreneurs. Its active user base consists of over 3 million users per month and 350,000 users per day.

Crowdfire review page pic

Key Features

Content Curation

If you need content, Crowdfire has selected articles and thousands of sources from around the Internet. Only join the subjects that will engage your audience and get related articles and pictures to be uploaded—no need to spend hours looking for material around the network.

You do have the ability to post your own content, of course. Scheduling in advance is a breeze because of the calendar view and the ability to upload future posts in bulk via a CSV file.

The platform also provides a ‘Queue Meter’-this tool is excellent for ensuring that you have ample weekly content by telling you if your profile looks’ active.’

Mention Tracking

Save yourself from the trouble of signing in and out of accounts and checking your posts for several different accounts, just to try to keep up for your audience.

The Crowdfire Mention Tracking helps you to answer from the comfort of one location to all your @-messages. Respond to your comments with photos, videos and gifs. The mobile app also helps you to respond on-the-go.

RSS Feeds

Everyone has a list of sources of content that they follow to get them their daily news every day like Entertainment Weekly, Economic Times, and TechCrunch etc. Crowdfire allows you to connect these feeds to your account so that the tool can directly pull content for you to share from these sources.

You don’t have to go to these sites anymore and search for content to post. Inside your dashboard, Crowdfire gives you all of its content which you can sift through and share on your social media.


Schedule and post content from a single platform on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Profiles, LinkedIn and Pinterest. The post will be customised for each social network automatically, saving you a lot of time editing and changing photos.

The ‘right time’ to post for each of your accounts based on your individual analytical data is also recommended by Crowdfire.

Crowdfire Chrome Extension

The super handy Chrome extension of Crowdfire helps you to share and schedule content without having to open the Crowdfire dashboard from anywhere on the site. Not only posts, but you can use the Chrome Extension to share images and retweets as well.


If you’re running a successful social media campaign, the only way to know is by analysing the analytics and letting the data drive your approach. Customise your reports and get comprehensive insights into each of your posts with data points of your choosing.

You can see where you stand against your toughest competition using the Competitor Analysis feature. This enables you to:
● Find their top posts.
● Understanding what works for them
● Gain a summary of their performance

Ease of use

You can use Crowdfire to upload your content from a remarkably large selection of blogging channels, online stores, and video sites (YouTube and Twitch) to nearly every major social network. Using a clean interface, it does this, making it easy to send a single post to all of your preferred social networks, but customise your message for an account.


Although the free version does not give you all the bells and whistles, it’s a good way to get a feel for the platform, and you can plan your post for a few days in advance with its ten post cap.

I recommend switching to one of their paid plans if you are more serious about your Social Media strategy.

Plus Package $7.48 a Month (When Paid Annually):
● Link up to two accounts per social network
● Schedule up to 100 posts per account in advance
● Chrome Extension for posting posts
● Custom Schedule of Posting
● Supporting Video Posts
● Link up to 5 feeds with RSS
● Recommendations on Hashtag
● Multiple Image Posts support
● Auto-tailored posts prior to posting for each site with a preview
● Social analytics with data worth 30 days
● Advanced analytics with data worth 90 days
● Post analytics access
● Ad-Free Web Experience
● Access to an unlimited number of recommendations for articles concerning topics relevant to your audience (a tool for content curation).

Premium Package $37.49 a Month (When Paid Annually):
● connect up to 5 accounts per social network,
● Posts for Bulk Schedule
● In order to schedule your content, use a ‘Calendar’ view.
● Link up to 15 feeds with RSS
● Track mentions in your team inbox for your Twitter & Facebook accounts
● Send replies to all pictures and gifs listed
● Competitor Analysis: Compare the main metrics per social network for up to 2 competitors
● One business profile can be applied and managed.
● One team member may be introduced and handled.
● Access to help for emails

VIP Package $74.98 a Month (When Paid Annually):
● Connect up to 20 accounts per social network
● Eight hundred posts may be scheduled per account
● Link up to 25 feeds with RSS
● Links to an analysis of competitors for up to 20 rivals per social account.
● You connect and manage up to two profiles ($25 Per additional profile)
● You can add and manage two team members per profile ($25 for each additional team member)
● Priority service for customers


Crowdfire is a platform for social media management used by brands, businesses, agencies, and individuals to help drive interaction and development in social media.

The platform is bundled in one place with features including content curation, content monitoring, content publishing, predictive analytics, and competitor analysis.

It’s easy to use, saves you loads of time, and is a perfect tool for developing your social media and maintaining them.

2. Agorapulse Review

Agorapulse is a social media marketing platform built on the Cloud that provides profile management, management of social marketers and social media analysis.

Agorapulse features a “Social Inbox” that integrates and shows social media interactions in a single mailbox through social streams, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

To find key influencers and ambassadors (people who post the most content about the brand), Agorapulse pulls and sifts through the interactions through the brand’s social media pages. The product features a “Competitor Analysis” module, which enables users to monitor their competitors’ social media results.

Agorapulse review page pic

Key Features

Simplified, Publishing & Schedules

For these tools, the primary objective is to improve engagement and increase sales. Their newest feature is automatically released to the ‘gramme, as an official Instagram affiliate. Yet, publishing on social media doesn’t end there. The programme will configure content to suit the platform on which it is going on perfectly; that means a person will type “@” and an optimised account would be found for the system to post on.
● Post to a social network with one click
● Save or schedule content for a certain period for later
● For each account, customise posts

Inbox LinkedIn

In the LinkedIn inbox, everything stays organised. It can be used by an individual to find feedback, answers, and more. They can assign things or bookmark them for later or to other members. A marking feature enables anyone to identify quickly.

Inbox Zero

The two words every professional need to hear are “inbox zero.” Agorapulse also strives to achieve that. Without becoming distracted, they built a special place for staff to clear out alerts and messages. This is where they can locate all their material and delegate tasks to various individuals. This dashboard will have lots of data, but for fast monitoring and identification, it is streamlined. Every Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube report, reply, or tag comes here. The interface will philtre everything automatically, so first, it displays the most crucial information. Some problems require attention or intervention immediately. This means that no analyst is left behind.

The inbox is intuitive because it imitates the same thing in your email that people see. First, significant topics emerge, followed by items of less urgency. To ensure top productivity, administrators can tag tasks and delegate them to others. This role allows customers to feel in charge and on the ball. The main features of the inbox are, to review:
● Content From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube
● Engage easily and respond to the audience
● Highlights & Action Things inbox
● Identification Tags For Quick Identification

Toggle between accounts & software

Managers of social media who use Instagram know how hard it is to keep track of user engagement. Anything can get mixed up in mentions, replies, comments, and more. On other social networks, add multiple profiles, and things get wild. That’s where it comes to Agorapulse. The dashboard enables users to connect successfully by flipping between their different social profiles. It only takes one click to go from reacting to a Twitter statement on Instagram to responding to someone on Instagram. With all of their integrations, except LinkedIn, the software runs smoothly. However, this is certainly in the works.

Advanced Monitoring

Some people think of Agorapulse as their assistant for social media. It can do in half the time what an individual human will do. For instance, it searches through various hashtags to find the ones that are trending in the particular niche of the client. It can also find comments and groups within a certain radius that are involved. No matter what field they operate in, there is infinite scope for the use of location-based branding.

The platform will show people who they should be approaching and how to approach them better. Through analytical reports on recent data, they do this. This software provides the missing key that many organisations lack in their monitoring obligations. Customers can see their success in real-time by identifying competitor benchmarks and reporting on data incrementally. They can easily see how quickly they adapt to their audience and make adjustments as needed. Any more detailed features of monitoring include:
● Compare results against competitors
● Time & Interaction Response Management
● Seeing all networks’ highest-performing content
● Up-to-date reports of success that track development

Mobile phone app for Android & iPhone

Through a mobile application, the platform is available online. This software is for both Androids and iPhones users. The design is simplified, and the Web-based version is close to the interface. Mobile capability makes accessing information from anywhere much easier for remote workers.

Communication & Delegation from the Team

While individuals can use the software all by themselves, when a community uses it, it’s even better. Upgrades to team approval can be made for anyone with a broad organisation package. This implies that they will flow by assigning tasks to their representatives and delegating particular profiles. An additional advantage is that it keeps it spot-on with their customer service.

Ease of use

The interface of Agorapulse is cleaner and easy to use.

The publishing workflow of Agorapulse has better design and functionality.

The social inbox of Agorapulse has useful plugins that streamline client interaction.


As feature-packed as Agorapulse is, It comes at excellent pricing. It supports any package of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Agorapulse’s pricing plans come in two forms: monthly billing plans and yearly billing plans.

There are four types of plans for both shapes:

1. Small:
The monthly plan is $49 a month, and the annual plan is $39 a month. This most economical plan comes with attractive features, such as the facility to control three social accounts, with capabilities such as publishing, report tracking, Chrome extensions, Social CRM, etc. It can be used by businesses that start on a very small scale or people who promote their websites to an influential audience. Only one user can work on the tool at a time, as per the schedule.

2. Medium

Monthly plan at $99 per month and $79 per month annual plan

Users can handle up to 10 social profiles under this plan. In addition to the features offered under the Small Plan, the Medium Plan also provides six months of data retention, Advanced Sync, tracking of Ad comments for up to 10 comments, etc. With this plan, smaller businesses will get great value for money. It facilitates cooperation between up to 3 users.

3. Large

Monthly plan of $199 per month and $159 per month annual plan

As the name suggests, both in cost and scope, this one is a larger plan. This package helps you to maintain data for up to 24 months, ad comment tracking for up to 40 comments, Team Workflow and all the features that are part of other packages by hitting the 200 Dollar mark for the monthly plan. Looking at the characteristics and price range, this package sounds ideal for organisations that can handle up to 25 accounts with this package, which allows up to 6 users to communicate in real-time.

4. Enterprise

Monthly plan of $299 per month and $239 per month annual plan

Organisations with large-scale operations that appeal to a massive audience should purchase the Business plan that most efficiently addresses all their needs for social media management. The Enterprise plan allows up to 12 users to function collaboratively and allows ad comment tracking for up to 100 comments, with the ability to handle up to 40 social profiles.


Agorapulse can be used by various businesses, such as mid-sized agencies, medium-sized companies and brands of major enterprises. Users and managers can handle communications through multiple networks with this software solution, track social media and identify their top customers.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube fit well with this. Since these channels are the most popular online channels, consumers need a stable and effective management tool for social media to address key factors and business requirements

3. Buffer Review

Buffer is a platform for small to medium-sized businesses for social media management that lets users publish content, engage consumers and evaluate their success on social media.

Yahoo, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest connect with Buffer. For each site, social media messages can be personalised and then sent out to all channels at once. At fixed times, Buffer can also publish social media posts automatically. For users to share and build social media posts from anywhere, Buffer has a browser extension and smartphone applications.

To monitor social media output and see weekly or monthly progress, Buffer also offers advanced analytics. To do further calculations or to create studies, analytical data may also be exported.

Buffer review page pic

Key Features

Share much faster with the Buffer Extension browser

Browser extensions are one of Buffer’s most common productivity hacks. You can find the buffer icon on the top right of your browser window next to the address bar after you instal it. If you click this icon, you can share several linked accounts from whatever page you are on.

The Buffer extension will record the page title and shortened URL automatically and preselect your default Buffer accounts. You can add more accounts and fully configure your finished update text and formatting.

Also, in your update, you can mention Twitter usernames, and Buffer will give you full-auto options so that you get the people you want quickly. If you share with Twitter plus a network, the @ name will be updated to view the Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn updates to a full name.

Clip and queue texts and images

You can quickly share your favourite text bits and any great-looking picture right when you find them with this browser extension enabled.

For text, just highlight the text and press the Buffer button from your browser menu bar if you’re browsing a site and come across a neat stat or quotable blurb. Your highlighted text prepopulated for your update (link to the original, full-page) will appear in the composer window. You can also buffer the selected text by pressing or using the keyboard shortcut and by selecting “Buffer Selected Text.”

You can also buffer any image on any web right-clicks. They have great confidence in the power of sharing self-explaining graphics as meaningful with or without your text. Many places produce incredible pictures. It’s super quick to buffer them.

Social Inbox and Engagement

Buffer Publish won’t benefit you much if you are searching for a social media tracker. In the key Buffer tool, all you can do is get some simple details, such as what you sent and when you sent it, on your own social media posts.

If you’re a private user, this may be enough. However, consider checking out Buffer Reply, which works for business Instagram accounts, as well as Facebook and Twitter, if you’re a business user.

A social inbox is also included with Buffer Respond so that you can reply to messages in one place. This is incredibly helpful if you need to respond to customer requests frequently or otherwise communicate with your audience. Plus, to keep track of the things that matter most to you, you can add your tags to social conversations.

Team Features

In Buffer’s free or Pro versions, there are no team features. For two users, you’ll need to upgrade to Buffer Premium, or for six to Buffer Business.

You can customise access and permissions for individual social networks if you are managing a team and have one of these higher-level accounts. That means that team members only have access to the platforms that you enable them to use. This is useful for monitoring the workflow and making sure that tasks are not duplicated.

The ability to set an approval workflow is yet another cool feature. That means that before it goes live, you can determine which users need to have draught content approved. Before adding it to the Buffer calendar, those who have full access may then review content.


The main tool has little to do with one of Buffer’s best features. These are the things you can get for free. The Buffer blog, for instance, is one of the best sources of accurate information, statistics, and tutorials on social media. There’s also the Buffer Marketing Library, which is an excellent place to get up to speed on strategy and tactics for beginners and advanced social media users.

You may take advantage of on-demand webinars that cover many different aspects of social media marketing. Plus, when it comes to your communication plan, Buffer is always sending out free reports that will help you make informed decisions.

With built-in guidance on image sizes and models that you can easily customise, it’s a beneficial aid, whether or not you’re using Buffer. That also applies to the newly released Stories Maker, which is an excellent way to create storeys for Facebook and Instagram quickly.

Ease of use

When it comes to ease of use, Buffer eclipses its competitors. The interface has an excellent alignment and simplicity, which is stripped of superfluous characteristics to maintain the user’s attention on the job at hand.

The set-up process takes the user through the necessary steps and can almost immediately connect to social media accounts.

This theme is continued by the Buffer app, as it is quick, simple, and intuitive. Also, one of the best on the market is the Buffer Chrome extension, enabling users to post directly to their social media accounts from web pages.

Overall, the user experience with the Buffer is almost effortless. It is an open social media management platform for beginner users who can easily get up and running.

The Buffer Marketing Library deserves mention here as well. In the field of social media strategy, this knowledge base includes comprehensive articles on everything you need to know, and it is free to access.


The prices for publishing and scheduling posts from Buffer, called Publish, vary from $0 to $99 per month. The key differences between the plans include the number of users per social network, social profiles, and planned updates, as well as access to premium features, such as the complete history of reports and team management.

Buffer also provides two other items in addition to Publish: Reply, which is used to engage with viewers and respond to social discussions, ranging from $50 / month to $225 / month, and Analyze, which is used to assess social media content output and ranges from $35 / month to 50 / month.

Plans Monthly Pricing
($/Month) Annual Pricing
Reply $0 $0
Pro $15 $12
Premium $65 $56
Business $99 $85
* At the beginning of the billing period, annual plans are fully charged.

● Free:
A basic free plan limited to only one user is provided by Buffer. The user can handle up to three Social Accounts and schedule up to 10 publications per month in social media.

● Pro:
Also, the Pro plan is restricted to one person. Up to eight social accounts can be operated by the user and up to 100 posts per social account may be scheduled per month. Via linked social accounts, users of this plan will create different posting schedules. For each social network, posts may also be personalised. Links to the Buffer browser extension, its iOS and Android applications, more than 60 third-party integrations, and two-factor authentication is provided to subscribers.

● Premium:
The Premium plan of Buffer provides up to two users the opportunity to manage up to eight social networks. They will use it every month to schedule 2,000 posts every social account. This plan’s subscribers also get access to Buffer’s Instagram hashtag manager, Instagram Stories posting and scheduling, and Instagram Shop Grid, in addition to the features included in the Pro plan. Subscribers get direct access to reports on their posts on social media as well as features of team management.

● Business:
Up to six users can use the Business Plan to control up to 25 accounts on social media. It also restricts the scheduled posts to up to 2,000 posts a month, much like the Premium plan. It comes with the same characteristics given in the Premium plan.


If you want to publish more effectively and improve your social ROI, the tool that can help you achieve that goal is Buffer. It is easy to use and contains excellent features to be well worth the monthly subscription fee. If you want to maximise social scheduling, whether you are an organisation or a solopreneur, then Buffer is a helpful addition to your marketing tool belt.

4. Sendible Review

Sendible is a management and social media analytics platform for organisations of all sizes. Utilising social networks like Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook and Twitter, the app allows users to monitor multiple account streams.

Users can create and community alerts in Sendible, deliver messages to followers and monitor corporate commitment in real-time.

Sendible gives users the ability to prioritise social media comments and automatically update brand comparisons between different outlets. The calendar feature allows social strategy management and message queuing so that it can be posted on time.

Sendible allows users to delegate and authorise and exchange tasks and workflows. The framework has integrated analytics that allows users to track social campaign performance. The report builder drag and drop helps users to prepare custom reports using many company parameters.

Key Features

Publishing easily to all social media networks

It doesn’t matter what you use on social media networks. Sendible is one of the few social media management software solutions on the planet that aims to integrate with almost all social media networks, and they even try to incorporate it at their cost if they’re ever without a social media site. This is, excuse the cheesy joke, an offer you can’t refuse to make.

Collaboration of Easy Team

Do you have a team or otherwise virtual employees that you integrate with? Are you part of a marketing agency? If that is the case, Sendible will not only allow you to see what your teammates are doing, but you can also delegate assignments, track what they are thinking, and share projects so that you never get lost, struggle to express your thoughts, or fail due to an epic lack of teamwork.

Find New Leads

If you’re a gourmet pastry chef, a freelance engineer, or a network marketer looking to grow your consulting business, it doesn’t matter. The truth is that new leads need to be obtained, and if your company isn’t rising, it’s dying. That’s why one of their most exciting features is Sendible ‘s ability to scout for fresh leads and prospects. So you can actually stop wasting time on social media, and eventually use the virtually limitless potential you should have rightfully, regardless of what your ambitions are, and who your target audience is.

Analyze Data Like A Pro Statistician

All of these features don’t mean anything if you don’t know what results you’re having. That’s why Sendible includes beautiful charts and graphs so that your social media campaigns can be interpreted and calculated, even if you have no idea how to quantify performance, ROI or some other element that can assess and measure success effectively.

Outsourcing Beautiful Reports

If you ever want to show off for customers, your boss, or for your own guilty pleasure, then you can crack a big smile by being able to export reports with Sendible, so you can conveniently export reports so that you can combine them with your own tracking system, or you can simply export via a CSV file.

Simple Content Scheduling

The bread and butter of any social media management software is content scheduling. Sendible does not leave you hanging, and provides you ample opportunity to plan all your posting and engagement on social media across all networks, and will also advise you on the best time to post that material, because it gives you the best return on investment, and helps to ensure that the highest number of followers and prospects are included in your posts.

RSS Publishing Features

If you have a blog to publish content immediately, then you’ll love the ability to publish your content through your RSS feed instantly through social media platforms. Why is this the definition of genius? So you can get as many eyeballs as possible on your website and content, and so you can start driving traffic back to your own website by using the almost limitless wealth of followers on social media who are hungry for new content.

Track Mentions, Signals, And Sentiment

You can manually monitor mentions and social signals from your social media sites, such as a paranoid schizophrenic, or you can use a smart app like Sendible to do it for you. Face this one. There’s not enough time in the day to systematically scour the World and all of the content on social media, there’s just not. For that reason, you can love Sendible for the ability to automatically search and monitor your brand mentions, so that if they ever arise, you can finally keep up to date with your business, provide superior customer service, and squelch any issues.

Ease of use

The first thing you should realise about Sendible is that 100 percent of their service is web-based. So there are never any resources you need to instal, and as long as you have Internet access, you can handle your social media accounts anywhere on the planet.

Sendible provides you with a fun app (for Android and IOS), so, as long as you have service, you can watch and speak to social media addicts to your heart’s content while you’re on the beach or at the barbeque or on a mountainside.

The moment you sign up for Sendible, your social media accounts will be encouraged to start plugging and you are also invited to visit their main features and parts of their website.

Once again, it should be noted that Sendible is very sleek, professionally developed, and it has a “tool” look and feel and not a “toy” that you are going to break. That’s because professionals who love social media marketing have planned and engineered it, and when you use their service, they want you to feel positive.


For the Micro plan, Sendible’s pricing plans start at just $29 per month. 12 services and 1 user are allowed in this plan.

From there, plans go up:
Small – $99/month for 48 services
Medium – $199/month for 105 services
Large – $299/month for 192 services

It is important to identify a “service” to help you understand pricing. Sendible defines its “one-way communication with any social network.” This isn’t a link to a single account. For example, there are still 2 separate services for posting and streaming to a single Twitter account.

However, don’t worry too much right now about the disparity. Since Sendible provides a 30-day free trial, before you have to pay something, you can easily find out just how many programmes you’ll use.


If you are searching for a software that helps you to manage unlimited services in all one social media, then Sendible is for you. It provides every form of organisation with the ability to make its social media marketing strategy more effective. The best marketing resources are given to your audience with this app, regardless of whether and how many social networks you use. Within a single dashboard, you can access and track all of your activities on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+. Although the price can be a little high, the advantages you get with using the app will make a fast return.