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Project Management Software review
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Project Management Software benefits?

Small and medium-sized businesses struggle with meeting their scope, quality, and budget constraints in many cases. However, Project Management Software is a solution that many people are not aware of. 

In this case, you can set yourself apart from the rest and experience the myriad of benefits of what the best project management software has to offer.

Improve product/service Delivery

For businesses offering goods and services, there is always a need for a comprehensive inventory management system. This means that, if you are operating a small business, for instance, you may need a record of what is in stock, what has been ordered, and what will remain after purchases. In such a case, you do not want new customers to come in only to find that you do not have certain products. When using project management software, you can schedule each product as a project and in so doing have a reminder on what is needed at a specific time. Similarly, you can set up a project milestone on a product and, in so doing, understand the demand for the goods.

Measure Project Progress and Productivity

When undertaking projects or operations, there is a need for the business manager to keep track of employees’ progress and expenses. Project Management software can provide a timesheet solution that captures, submits, and approves the time and expense entries to update project progress. The timely recognition of expenses helps the project management team to have a thorough cash flow and revenue recognition system.

Improve Cost Control and Budgeting

When undertaking projects, the idea of juggling between a project and everyday activities can be daunting. Without a proper plan, the Project’s resources may be used in regular activities or vice versa. On the other hand, to keep up with budgets and daily resource allocations, cost control facilities are essential. In such a case, PMs’ software excels can aid in the management of these tasks.

Understand your True Resource Capability

In business, transactions are, in large part, cyclic. That is, you are highly likely to offer a similar product/service to another client. In such a case, it would be necessary to set achievable milestones. With PMs, you can track the work progress, and this would help in a future project where you promise realistic deliverables from experience in previous projects. In this case, the software would allow you to understand how much work a specific amount of resources can handle.

Encourage Teamwork and Collaboration

In any project, when the participants work as a team, much can be achieved. However, the team members may not perform their duties at the same location to keep track of the progress and retain the team spirit, a project tracking and communication system is needed. In such a case, a project management software can prove to be a wholesome solution to these needs.

Project Management Software

What are some of the best features of Project Management Software?

  • Capacity Planning- project management software portrays team members’ workload capacity and skillsets visually. Based on this information, a project manager can assign tasks and recognize those that need to be prioritized.

  • Budget Tracking- As mentioned earlier, budgets help a project manager create a baseline for future projects. With the information availed on the system, it is easy to forecast budgets while monitoring their schedule.

  • Progress Management- If you are handling different projects at the same time, PMs systems helps in tracking projects in all their stages. This ability promotes collaboration and timely updates in various areas from the different staff members.

  • Risk assessment and monitoring- When a project is laid down and all of its aspects assigned to the respective resources and team members, it is easier to determine the quantitative or qualitative value of the risk involved.

  • Automation and effective reporting- When project management software is used, communications, fund disbursements, and team members reporting are made on time. This procedure makes it easy for the accounting process as well as the management.

What is Project Management Software?

Want to know how Project Management Software can improve your business check out this guide from

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1. Wrike Review

Wrike is a leading remote management platform of enterprise-grade that lets businesses do their best work — regardless of where their workers are located. Tens of thousands of leading brands use Wrike to link geographically scattered teams and ensure the coordination, agility, and adaptability of their entire organisations.

Wrike describes the next generation of project management worldwide with customised strategies for marketing and innovative departments, project management departments, product teams, professional services teams and more.

It is extremely easy to use Project Management Software. The interface is relatively simple and allows you to begin monitoring collaborative projects and milestones very quickly. It offers both small and large businesses a venue where the workers can coordinate their work together and invest their finances. Although Wrike is on the expensive side, its key selling point is that it can be set up quickly and needs hardly any training to use.

Wrike review homepage

Key Features

Wrike is a feature-rich platform. Here are some of the features:

Tracking Time spent on Tasks:

Wrike lets users keep track of the time spent on tasks. First, you need to open a platform task before you can start logging in time. It adds some tension to the process, particularly when you only need a few minutes of jumping into a text.

Second, there are too few ways you can use logged time in Wrike. Additionally, there is no invoicing or billing mechanism included in Wrike — if you want to use your billing time, you’ll need to move it to a different platform. Thus, Wrike’s time tracking features are mainly limited to workload monitoring.

Dashboard with useful information:

Like many of its competitors, Wrike provides users with a dashboard that is loaded with valuable information, such as upcoming projects, the latest performance analytics and others. In the toolbar, you can rearrange your tasks and use the search feature to quickly find items.

Visualize your Data Analytics:

Another great feature of Wrike’s project management approach is its analytics. Through insightful charts and infographics, you get insightful information. Those charts are updated in this online project management programme automatically every 15 minutes.

Some of the observations that you are given are:

● Statistics related to team success
● State of the project and progress at work and statistics
● Tasks which are completed by each user

Document Editor:

The document editor is a useful feature included in Wrike, which helps you to edit Word documents, PDFs, and images on the cloud without downloading. This is a significant collaborative benefit, which can save a lot of time while working on cloud-stored documents.

If you have Wrike for advertisers or Wrike for Professional Services, the Adobe Creative Software extensions also allow you to access the entire lineup of Adobe products in the software.

Gantt Charts:

Wrike’s Gantt charts are very well integrated, with essential functions of dependence, manipulation of the due date, and status updates for your activities.

Workflow Automation:

It enables you to predict many “stages” of your project accurately and to fill them with the necessary tasks. Upon completion of each stage, Wrike will automatically assign tasks to your team members from the next stage. Plan it carefully enough, and you’ll be able to set-and-forget your projects right from the start.


Wrike requires team members to connect quickly and easily: One way you can do this is via the inbox. You’ll find here all the updates and comments you’re interested in. You may add comments to projects, tasks, and sub-tasks to address them. You can’t send messages straight from the inbox.

Tags and folders to access project data and share it:

The programme for Wrike project management supports tags and directories to help you organise data by project, tasks, and other indicators for categorisation. This enables you to coordinate your tasks quickly so things can go smoothly. It also helps you to share these folders to streamline communication between teams.


See tasks in a Calendar view for particular events. Wrike gives you a lot of choices to watch your calendar. You can add additional tasks as “layers” to your calendar, and change display settings by level, type of mission, and more.

Ease of use

Wrike is one of the most user-friendly and safest frameworks of any project management tool. To get started, the platform offers several customisable dashboards that can be shared to encourage collaboration among team members. Also, the dashboards can be loaded with widgets to view project-related documents, notes or other tools.

The main display of the platform is divided into three panels which provide you with a quick overview of which projects need attention. If you want to drill down into one project, the first board displays a project overview, while the second and third board allow you to open up tasks and subtasks.

Wrike also has a few easy collaboration features like a feed to comment on particular tasks and add other members of the team.


Wrike provides five levels of service, including a free plan. Each plan includes a diverse number of people who can use it and are designed to meet the needs of various team types.

Free Plan:

Free users can set up teams of up to five members, and add an unlimited number of employees. Collaborators can see but can not delete projects and activities. However, the free plan is minimal as it does not come with Gantt maps, sub-tasks, time tracking or customising the dashboard. Furthermore, it contains just 2 GB of storage.

Professional plan ($9.80/user per month):

You get in real-time communication platform features with subtask options in the professional plan. You are also getting 15 GB of video uploads and advanced integrations with Wrike Integrate (including Asana, Google Docs, Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Adobe Creative Cloud, etc.). That is particularly useful to creative teams.

Business plans ($24.80/user per month):

Business plans for five people start at $1,488 per annually. This plan has no more than 200 seats. Prices per person are dropping the more seats you buy. A contract costs $14,880 per annum for up to 50 people (equivalent to $24.80 per person per month). You get everything in the Professional plan plus 500 GB of storage space, time tracking, integration with Salesforce, templates, a calendar, user groups and permissions, and a few more.

Wrike for Marketers:

Wrike is offering a version of its software geared to marketing teams. This subscription tier contains everything in the business-grade package, plus add-on tools called Wrike Proof (for proofing and approval), and Wrike Publish (for online content publishing), an Adobe Creative Cloud extension. Contact For pricing, Wrike.

Enterprise Plan:

The enterprise plan provides admin tools such as two-factor authentication, user verification, incorporation of Active Directory and personalised access policies for the network.


Wrike is an excellent and adaptable teamwork application which can double as an app for project management. It depends on how you use it, whether you classify it as one or the other. It is an excellent strategy for businesses that need this kind of app as soon as possible, seeing it takes hardly any time to set up and start using it.

In this review article, I will honestly recommend this app, so what are you waiting for. Just go and grab the best project management solution.

2. Monday Review is a cloud-based project management program that streamlines the way teams communicates and perform workloads.

It’s more like a set of highly customised spreadsheets where anyone in a team records the tasks they need to complete and updates them with status reports and other relevant data. In this way, any member of the team can see all the ongoing tasks and their progress, making it easy to move work from one person to the next or quickly step in if anyone is unexpectedly unavailable.

Your team can achieve better and faster results for every project milestone with powerful productivity features such as time-tracking, automatic alerts, frameworks, timeline views and integrations. is used by more than 100,000 businesses around the world to allow their employees to move faster and let them concentrate on the work that demands their talents.

In this review article I will give you an insight into the project management, its key features, ease of use and pricing plan. If you are searching for a project management  software that can handle your projects then consider all the options that monday .com has to offer. I am sure you will find your answer. review homepage

Key Features focuses on task management. Yet its feature list is one of the largest on the market. It contains nearly every feature that any other project management software has, as well as its own set of unique components.

Centralised management boards:

Everything is handled with a board via This is colour-coded and arranged visually to help you see who is working on a job, project, goal and to-do and where they are in the process. For example, on each job, team members may put a status of “Stuck,” “Working on it” or “Finished”.

Project Templates: comes with project templates to create your system on top of when you set up your account first. These include daily task management options, departmental planning, and video production.

CRM: can be modified to monitor sales contacts across the network for use as a CRM app. CRM roles for include web-form lead capture, sales order monitoring, pipeline management and monthly target tracking.

Chart view:

This useful view features the ability to manipulate your boards’ data. ‘s chart view allows you to track progress over time with real-time team feedback and even build management reports for your team.

Some types of the chart include a bar, column, line, and even field. To build elegant, flexible data visualisations for clients and team members, you can insert each of the columns into the charts.
When your chart has been produced, you can print it or export it in five different formats. This view is ideal for building management reports on your projects, and its versatility gives you the freedom to use it in creative ways with its simplicity and time-saving.


Timeline is the variant of Gantt charts by and is suitable for monitoring multi-day tasks or projects, or for multi-workload teams. If a project or mission is postponed, users can easily drag-and-drop timeline bars to extend the due dates. Also on a single timeline screen, users can view multiple timelines.

Integrations and Automation: integrates with just about any programme you can expect. Gmail, Asana and Slack are among many well-running apps. Currently, there are nearly 40 applications it combines with, but some have multiple forms of incorporation.

Integrations and automation are identically marked out. provides a rule which contains a few variables, and you fill in the variables. “Automations” interacts with your boards’ rules, while “integrations” communicate with a third party product.

Collaboration: provides sharing features that allow users to quickly discuss and revisit all their interactions, reports, notes, checklists and spreadsheets in one place. This helps remove lengthy, complicated email threads and meetings. It has native iOS and smartphone Android applications to keep everyone in the know, even while they’re on the go.

Visual Planning: offers users several options for project preparation and progress monitoring. With calendars, graphs, documents, Kanban boards, maps or a timeline, they can look at the overview or go into details. The smart tools make visible preparation, progress tracking and advanced weekly visualisation possible through various projects and teams.

Ease of use

The interface looks excellent with vibrant designs and large buttons that make switching between various screens easy. Core features like your message inbox, weekly tasks and community project boards can all be easily accessed through a panel on the interface’s left-hand side.

Things are just as straightforward on the platform’s mobile edition, which can be accessed via Android and iOS apps. Working on the move is super normal these days, so it’s fantastic that makes adding new tasks simple on your smartphone and keeping track of your teammates’ progress.

Pricing has four pricing levels. The rates below are valid for businesses with two, five, 10, 15, 25, 50, 100 and 200 customers. For example, five users cost $39 a month for the Simple Plan, while 100 users cost $799 a month. For a quote, businesses with more than 200 users would need to contact


Basic starts at $49 a month for five people and includes 5 GB of storage, an infinite number of boards and 24/7 support. There are considerable drawbacks to the Basic plan. You don’t get schedules, views of the calendar, views of the globe, advanced search, time tracking or other features that claims are advanced. You do not have the integrations.


The standard for five people begins at $59 a month. The storage capacity increases to 50 GB. You may invite visitors outside to join your board but they are confusingly counting a 4-to-1 ratio against your member allocation. With Regular, you get the views of Timeline, Calendar and Map missing from the Basic Plan. It Includes advanced search but not time tracking.


For five individuals, Pro starts at $99 a month. Storage is unrestricted, and all features are available except for a few which are reserved for enterprise customers (single sign-on, HIPAA compliance, and audit logs). The integration and automation allowance applies to up to 25,000 acts each month.


Enterprise accounts use personalised pricing and have all the features.


Thanks to its great functionality, is excellent for coordinating tasks and developing new ideas to complete in the short and medium-term.

The only negative thing about this method is that it’s restricted to using it in a browser, which makes it ever so slightly sluggish and unnecessarily consumes so much RAM.

3. GanttPRO Review

If you’re managing several projects and trying to keep track of who’s doing what and when, or if one person is waiting for a second person to finish a job before they get to work, you need software for project management.

GanttPRO is an online Gantt Charts-based project management software. The app includes Gantt maps, scheduling, monitoring progress and more. It allows managers to plan projects using a visual interface. Users can reschedule several project tasks automatically, along with the drag-and-drop features of GanttPro.

Anyone in a project team will write comments on tasks, connect files to tasks and receive real-time updates of other team members taking actions. Details about the project can be exported in PDF, PNG, XLSX and XML formats. Even GanttPRO enables users to import charts from applications such as Microsoft Project and Excel.

Ganttpro review homepage

Key Features

Project management and monitoring of dependencies and progress:

This feature helps you to break your project into smaller useful parts and add milestones to get more control over your plans. You can create task groups, subtasks, set their length, monitor the progress and link your assignments to dependencies. The simplicity of the drag & drop makes it very simple.

Solution for team collaboration, and resource, reports and more:

GanttPro is a collaborative team solution where users can connect files to the project plan and post comments, and direct mentions on job information, notifying team members through push notifications and email. Share static and dynamic maps, via a public Address, with stakeholders and clients.

Add various types of resources, including labour, supplies, and virtual resources. Assign several people to a job, and handle the workload of a team. Manage and build personal calendars for team members with specific duties, obligations, and permissions (owner, administrator, or member).

Other features include time monitoring by deadlines, period and job schedule trackers, people commenting on budget analyses and time logs, importing from Excel, Project and Jira Server, and exporting to PNG, PDF, XML or Excel formats. Security features include passwords to support SSO and SAML login. Even the app integrates with Google Drive, Jira Cloud, and its API.

Auto Scheduling and Critical Path:

The Auto Scheduling function updates your schedule automatically in case any changes occur in your plan and dependent tasks.

The critical path indicates which activities directly affect the execution of your project. It also means the briefest way to complete a project.

Kanban Board View:

By providing Kanban view, it helps you to take a look at your project from a different angle, so yes technically speaking GanttPRO also serves as a Kanban app.

From the view of the Kanban Board, all your assignments can be viewed in one place, where they are shown as cards. You can take full advantage of Kanban Board views to control current tasks and pass them along with the board as they approach completion.

Export / Import and Sharing:

GanttPRO enables the import of MS Project and Excel projects to continue working on them smoothly on a timeline for the Gantt diagram.

If you need to show your project as a dynamic or static plan to third parties, such as stakeholders, clients, etc., just export it or share it via URL.

Templates of Gantt Chart:

GanttPRO provides hundreds of ready-made templates for a wide range of technical domains for a quick launch. They have a characteristic structure and mission effect. At the same time, they are entirely customized to the needs the project dictates.

Control of versions:

You can track any improvements made by your team straight from scratch for your Gantt charts. If a project undergoes so many adjustments you didn’t want to make, GanttPRO would be able to restore the project at an earlier level.

Notifications centre:

With all the activity on all your projects, feedback from members of your team, files uploaded and downloaded, you need a notification centre to keep track of what’s going on. In GanttPRO there is a separate notification centre which will show you all unread messages and updates as soon as you log in.

Ease of use

Onboarding with GanttPRO is relatively straightforward. Only enter the email, and you will in no time be taken to the onboard screens. No need to have a tiresome verification process going through. GanttPRO allows you the right to miss the process of verification until later.

The templates will come in very handy for users who are first trying Gantt or very new to it. So excellent work on that!

I liked the entire appearance and user interface when talking about my first impressions of the software, but the Gantt parameters on the left panel made me feel a little nervous.

It usually takes about 7 minutes on average, according to GanttPRO customers, to be able to understand and begin to benefit from its features thoroughly. I encourage you to try to use it fully before making a decision, as I found it much easier for the second time on the eye.


When it comes to pricing of GanttPRO, this app has one of the most appealing deals that address individual needs. Plus, if you work in a team, you get flexible pricing packages.

In general, it is divided into two groups, i.e. individuals and teams.

● $15 user/month
● All advanced Features
● Managing resources
● Tracking history
● Estimated work hours & project costs

● (5 users) $7.90 / user / month
● (10 users) $6.90 / user / month
● (15 users) $5.90 / user / month
● In Individual plan plus all features;
● Assign project roles
● Tracking improvement in teams
● Sessions on team preparation

There is also an Enterprise Business plan, as well as a free 14-day trial period.


Honestly, as I’ve experienced using this software, I would recommend it. It does what it is meant to do, it’s fast and convenient to get started quickly, and it provides some great customization options. Overall, it’s an excellent timeline builder and Gantt chart app that also includes task management, Kanban boards and some useful features for collaboration.

4. ProofHub Review

ProofHub is a cloud-based software for project management and collaboration designed to improve the way teams run, collaborate, monitor, and report on projects. ProofHub aims to help teams schedule, collaborate, coordinate, and execute their projects within budget and on time.

It is an online project management and coordination platform that includes integrated group chat, speedy project discussion, workflows and boards, project reports, among other features. Chart uploading and sharing (e.g. Excel, PowerPoint) and an interactive online proofing platform to assist in image and document analysis are provided.

If you are searching for a project solution that can organize your teamwork and collaborate with it, then you should read this review article. In this article, I will provide you with a full project management software scenario which will benefit you in this regard.

So, let’s start now with the main product features.

Proofhub review homepage

Key Features

Online Proofing Software:

ProofHub provides your teams with the online proofing software. It can review and proof files easily in a quicker and smarter approach. Through using this platform, you can share, develop, and approve the files online. The collaborative process is carried out in real-time.

You can add Feedback and comments in one place. A markup tool can provide direct and actionable feedback. In the threaded view, you can answer any comments and can review the changes by downloading and comparing a new version of the files to the old one. After the collaboration, addressing all suggested improvements and feedback, it can approve your file in just one click.

Custom Roles:

If you’re concerned about selecting and assigning custom roles in your organisation, then you’re at the right place to find a solution. ProofHub provides you with custom roles to choose from, giving the job to the right person. You will then manage to do things according to their duties and obligations.

It gives you ultimate control over who gets what to use. Choose what each user wishes to see and add. Revoke access to individual pages you don’t want to use or get permission from those users to use. Assign the team members to default roles such as Regular user or Admin.


ProofHub provides you with another stunning white-labelling feature. With this feature, you can customize your account to change its look and feel. You can customize your domain, brand logo and colour theme to suit your preference.

Multiple Languages:

ProofHub is available in many languages, including English, French, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and German. So dealing in your local language will be easy. You can set up your language of choice and communicate in the language you want with the teams and clients.

Task Management:

For teams, this task management feature helps manage tasks & achieve objectives that are simpler, smarter and quicker. With this feature, you can:
● Create personal tasks or assign duties to several individuals in one place
● Bridging the tasks into smaller and more manageable subtasks
● Add marks, set start dates and deadlines
● Place approximate time
● Time spent on goal
● Build repeat tasks
● Use single task management software to connect files at one location


This app provides you with timesheets that are capable of setting time limits, manually tracking time or using timers, exporting timesheets, archiving them, producing time reports and bringing all your time data to a central location.

These timesheets can be used for payroll, customer billing, and forecasting, monitoring and even time management.


ProofHub helps you to make announcements to share information that may not be unique to the project and to subscribe to it. Enjoy a job well done to celebrate milestones or even send birthday greetings at one location. Advertisements will prove to be an efficient means of inspiring teams.


With this feature, you can bring together all your apps to manage them smartly. Freshbooks, Google Calendar, iCal, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive are the apps that can be integrated.

Request Forms:

ProofHub provides request forms that make it easier to handle the requests for support questions, tickets, product requests or requests for work. These request forms are customizable to obtain the required information.

Activity Log:

An important feature which could allow you to update on all activities. It will keep an eye on all the events and updates. You don’t have to skip through every single project.

Other Important Features:
  • Kanban Boards
  • Gantt Charts
  • Customized Reports
  • Easy collaboration
  • Calendar
  • Project Templates
  • Advanced Search
  • IP Restriction
  • Account transfer tool
  • Trash can

Ease of use

ProofHub is relatively easy to use. It doesn’t take much time for ProofHub to get started. Signing up for a free trial is fast and straightforward, without the need to enter credit card information. It asks for a phone number but doesn’t stop you from making up one. A few questions are asked, and you are given the option to request a demo.

Logging in is a little confusing because, before your email and password combination, you have to enter your custom URL so we can see people missing it or not writing it down.

There’s a screen to invite friends, in which a four-minute introductory video is shown to you. Upon proper entry into the software, a sample project is given to show you the basic structure of ProofHub. It contains task lists, many of which fit the controls and features of the software. If you’re going through all of them, you’ll have a clear idea of how things work before the end.


ProofHub provides two clear price plans that are essential plan and Ultimate control plan.


  • The Essential Plan is the basic plan that costs $45 a month if paid annually, and $50 a month if paid weekly. This plan already contains an unlimited number of users, core features, up to 40 projects, and storage of 15 GB.
  • The Ultimate Control plan is ideal for organizations dealing with remote customers and teams and having unique access positions for their projects. If billed annually, it is priced at $135 per month, and if billed weekly at $150 per month. The plan also provides an infinite number of users and programs and storage of up to 100 GB. Apart from the app’s core features, this plan also contains additional features such as custom positions, white labelling, project manager, custom workflows, network management, advanced activity logs, and account transfer tool.


ProofHub performs at a very high standard (for a relatively low price) and with strong customer service to back up its product. This project software is as good as it gets.

I highly recommend ProofHub in general. It is simple, excellently-made software which provides with essential elements of project management. Ultimately, unforeseen advantages — such as file proofing and a refreshingly open pricing structure — simply add to the long list of positive attributes already available to ProofHub.