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What are the Benefits of Webinar Software?

Hosting a webinar is one of the most productive ways of building credibility with your audience. The best thing about webinars is that the participants get an opportunity to see, hear, and even chat with the expert. You can share suggestions that will make your audience’s lives more exciting, simpler, or better.

Lead Generation:

Most B2B marketers and sales professionals suggest the use of webinar tools as the most acceptable way to generate superior leads, according to the figures. With the right plan in place, without wasting time, organizations can use webinars to create premium leads.

To attend your webinar, webinar attendees provide information. In a single webinar, you can even have infinite participants. That’s like gathering a bunch of business cards from a bare-minimum point of view.

The kind of knowledge you collect through your webinar programme from your participants can also be beneficial. It could be that you can gather job titles from possible leads, answers to any surveys or Q&A’s you used in your webinar, and even more confidential information than just a name and email address.

Save time & money:

Long journeys require travel time and costs, but a webinar eliminates the need to travel. Make your message simpler and cheaper for your target audience to be active with. As the ‘sender,’ there are benefits for you too; the costs are much smaller than, for example, planning a physical event and renting a venue.

Enriching the Online Content of an Organisation:

The fact that they help to increase the amount of content accessible to interested parties online is one of the key reasons why organisations should seriously consider using webinar services. Each webinar you host helps you answer common questions and issues that the average prospect, consumer, supplier, or employee is concerned with.

This helps to create a rich array of data that is not only applicable to the company’s current significant human assets, but also valuable human assets for future generations.

Build cumulative brand value:

Depending on what software you use, each time you host a webinar, you can engage each participant tens or even hundreds of times with your brand. That’s a subliminal benefit you get from frequently hosting webinars, but it means that when your audience even thinks about your business category, your brand is the first brand that comes to mind.

Some individuals may be interested in the category of your product-which is presumably why they will be able to attend in the first place. Still, it gives you the ability to direct their interest in your industry directly to your interest. That’s one significant benefit that hosting your own webinar in a networking event would have over a 30-second spot, or turning up with all the other brands present at a conference.

Wider Reach:

You can get access to audiences worldwide through webinars. This means that businesses can quickly and efficiently expand their reach to everyone around the world if they have access to the requisite Internet-enabled devices. Businesses are no longer limited to selling their services or products to consumers within their geographical scope with a strong webinar app, but even across borders and oceans!

Webinars and video conferencing often promote one-on-one and one-to-many virtual meetings in an efficient manner between business owners and other stakeholders, without the need to spend money on unnecessary travel.

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Tips for using a Webinar Software

Choose a reputable webinar platform:

Choosing a webinar hosting platform you can trust is critical. Reputable webinar platforms make a registration for individuals simple and easy, and they promote several ways for individuals to participate. Some individuals may watch your webinar from their laptops, for example, while others may want to enter from their phones or applications for smartphones. Also, specific platforms for webinars are loaded with annoying ads and have a limited number of participants. These are all things to remember when finding a platform for a webinar that works for you.

Use additional visuals:

This is the main difference between a face to face presentation and a webinar. The audience will see you in a presentation, and their attention would be concentrated on you if there is no visual slide. But in a webinar, whether for an extended period there’s no visual, or you have the same visual, their visual focus will wander.

Choose the right day and time:

Hosting your webinar on a day and time that allows for the maximum number of attendees is also critical. The best time for your business depends on your target audience, but a recent WhatCounts poll indicates that because Mondays and Fridays are usually packed with catch-up and last-minute activities, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days for hosting webinars. To find out what works best for you, you can experiment with hosting your webinar on various days and times, and compare participation rates.

Know your Audience:

Another key factor in hosting a successful webinar session is understanding your audience. Ask yourself questions, such as who is going to attend? What difficulties/problems do they face? What are their objectives? Answering these questions will help you manage a webinar that is laser-focused on enhancing the lives of your participants.

Choose a topic that interests your audience:

It’s going to be very hard to get people excited about your webinar, and hardly get them to participate if you pick a subject that doesn’t interest your audience.

It’s important to focus on a particular concept that will resonate with your audience when choosing a topic. Narrow it down and, if your idea is broad, cover one part in great detail. An in-depth webinar on a particular subject is much more helpful than a general presentation on a large one.

You need to provide value to attendees by clearly communicating your message and giving them actionable tips and suggestions, whether you are educating them about a product, service, or significant trend in your industry.

Use the right equipment:

Your webinar can be rendered or broken by the facilities you use. Using headset microphones or landline phones to ensure that the audience can clearly hear the presentation, instead of depending on the built-in microphones on the laptop or desktop computer.

Using the right equipment will improve the efficiency of your webinar and ensure that there is a pleasant experience for participants.

Run a test webinar:

Doing a test run to ensure if all is in working order is a smart idea. Testing requires checking the clarity of the video and audio, as well as the platform controls you’re using. It can be achieved in the days before the webinar by hosting a short call with a couple of colleagues or friends. Troubleshoot issues that you would not have expected.

What is a Webinar?

Learn what Webinar software can do for your business.

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What is the best Webinar Software

1. Demio Review

Demio is a specifically developed webinar platform for marketing and helping to build your business. It has been designed to address the needs of small businesses that want their audience to make a significant impact. It enables you to get high attendance rates on your webinars by accessing almost any web browser frictionlessly, meaning no downloads are required. On top of that, with customisable pages and your logo in the webinar space, it keeps your brand front and centre.

Demio provides you with an informative screen that visually appeals to you and your participants in the frictionless incorporation into almost all browsers. However, you can directly upload your presentation slides or post videos from Demi; thus, there is no need to leave the room when presenting.

Demio also provides you with launch deals and CTAs that allow you to use featured actions to mark an offer, sign up page, or any URL during the event with your audience. Additionally, you can exchange handouts, incentives and gifts for your audience to download.

Key Features

As Demio is a smart platform for webinars, all its features make it easier for its users to perform a webinar without any interruption. The entire process, from its beginning to its very last minutes and even the follow-ups, is taken care of for the success of the webinar.

One-click joining:

With one click, you can join a webinar through your browser. You connect with a simple click from a laptop, iPad, or smartphone. Most webinar services encourage you to download a plugin to participate in the webinar. For Demio, this is not the case. You can send a link to the attendees, and they can connect to their browser with just one click.

Since many attendees do not want to download any plugins on their computers, this is really a useful feature. Many attendees access computers from the workplace, and they do not install plugins on the device because of security privileges. With Demio, none of them would find it hard to participate in the webinar.

Webcam sharing:

There are occasions that you’d like to collaborate to produce an outstanding event with other brands or even one of your team members. Demio renders it painless. With up to three presenters, you can share your webcam. When they like, each person can talk or, as the host, you can mute them. Attendees may also be brought up on stage so that they can express their views or experiences.

Real-time HD streaming:

Thanks to HD streaming, webinars for Demio are guaranteed as standard. For HD live video webinars, it is possible to have an experience worth remembering. And there are zero delays or interruptions when you speak to viewers online and communicate directly, in real-time.


With Demio’s in-depth analytical tool, you can monitor your webinar results. You will see how many participants completed the webinar, what the length of the average view was, etc. It has user-friendly analytics that explains how the audience is engaged.

Screen sharing:

For the demonstration and sharing of vital slides with colleagues and audiences, screen sharing is essential. The screen or slide you are using to show yourself can be shared. The best thing about Demio is that, without having to travel anywhere, you can post slides and view photos easily. So, you can keep on sharing the screen when you do that, without leaving the room.

Automation Rules:

This is where the real power demonstrates through. With automation rules, you can segment contacts in real-time in your CRM based on the actions they take. For example, you can be eligible to apply for a tag if a registrant does not attend. You may add a different title if an attendee stays until the 30-minute mark. You may make it automatically send the recording to their email if a registrant enters the webinar.


To meet your marketing needs, Demio provides you with several integrations. Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, Drip, MailChimp, AWeber, ConvertKit, and so on are some examples of integrations. Zapier is supported by Demio, which helps you to connect with a large variety of apps.

Live chat:

The potential to communicate with your audience in real-time is one of the features of a webinar. You respond to their input and adapt the presentation to their requirements. Without live chat, that isn’t possible. Demio offers a simple interface for live chat, so you can ask questions from your audience and get the answers you need. Mute some individuals, list unique users and even take private chats.

Automatic notification reminder:

Customers will never lose control of whether a webinar happens through regular alerts. They will be made aware of upcoming sessions if they have registered for a webinar or website. You may adjust the content of the notification updates according to the branding or event requirements.

Launch offers and CTAs:

When preparing your webinar, never lose track of your final objectives; think about what you want to accomplish. During the case, you can use their ‘Featured Actions’ to connect your audience to a bid, sign-up page, or any URL. Their excellent ‘user interface’ will ensure that your audience sees an easy, elegant slide in, that your audience will love.

Ease of use

Ease of use is one of the areas in which Demio outshines the competition. One of the reasons it was introduced was to create a simplified environment for webinars. They did so well.

Demio uses a state-of-the-art user interface, so you and your attendees can enjoy their elegant style. All the latest features have been incorporated to ensure that the presentation is smooth and distraction-free.

The choices are intuitively laid out when you want to build a new webinar. You can get in and out in a couple of minutes if you already know what you want.


Demio has four plans for pricing:

1. Starter Plan:
The price is 49 USD per month, but the annual plan lowers it to 34 USD per month. With all the basic features, you can have 50 attendants. For smaller firms or bloggers who have just started doing webinars, it is the correct option.

2. Growth Plan:
With an annual plan, the price is 69 USD per month. This package has all that is included in the Starter Package, plus a maximum of 150 attendees. You can get more customisation and automatic apps here.

3. Business Plan:
With an annual plan, the price is 163 USD per month. This covers all from the growth strategy with a limit of 500 attendees. You will have three sub-users in this plan, and Demio will have a dedicated account representative for you.

4. Enterprise Plan:
You can contact Demio customer service for a quote if you need more.

Demio comes with a money-back guarantee that lasts 30 days. You can apply for a refund within 30 days if you dislike this webinar software platform, and they will return your money without a hassle. Demio also provides a 14-day free trial plan. Before subscribing to every paid plan, you will use it.


Demio has many unique features that can help you generate leads and give your audience a fun experience. It has a good presenter and attendee background. For beginners and experienced users, this platform is beneficial.

Demio is also a secure, strong, and excellent platform for your webinar, which is an ideal destination. Demio is the perfect platform to perform a web-based lecture, whether you are a newbie or an expert.

2. WebinarJam Review

WebinarJam is a webinar hosting program that proposes an integral and advanced alternative for live casting, occasion streaming, and webinar broadcasting. It’s compatible with all operating systems, browsers, and mobile device platforms. Furthermore, it can flow straight via Facebook Live and YouTube Live( or broadcast into JamCast (WebinarJam’s private network).

Together with WebinarJam, users may either go solo or invitation co-presenters due to their live flow occasions and highlight them one at a time through the help of its own dynamic and flexible design controls. As they run their webinars, attendees may ask questions with its built-in live chat.

The hosting software also allows presenters to share their knowledge in a variety of ways. Thus, they can playback and upload videos, run slideshow presentations, or share their screen with the other presenters and also make annotations right on the screen.

Additionally, WebinarJam provides other features and tools like the ability to send offers to attendees, create webinar registration pages, program events, sessions, or instruction; send automated emails, and gain insights into the operation of their webinars.

WebinarJam review homepage

Key Features

One-click registration:

Your aim is to enable the maximum number of potential clients to register for your webinar. You need to make sure that your registration process is as easy as possible for that. WebinarJam provides one-click registration to help you get in more registered participants.

You only have to submit your entire email list with a “Click to Register”, and anyone who clicks on the link will be registered for your webinar right away. This way, without any effort, you can easily convert your ‘Click Through Rate’ to your webinar registration conversion rate. It is an attractive option to generate participation for your webinars compared to filling-up forms, which is much more time-consuming.

Automated email system:

The automated email system assists you in handling your correspondence before and during the webinar. This also helps you to sync your network for email marketing, too. You can send your viewers reminders via SMS before the webinar, and emails after it ends. This tool also has an auto-response feature that helps you to provide your audience with all the required materials before your webinar begins, such as cheat sheets, PDFs, files, etc.

This automated email system sends various emails according to your audience’s actions, as some of them are registered for the webinar, but have not participated so that they will receive a separate email about it, and so on.

High level of automation:

WebinarJam lets you automate the entire process of hosting the webinar, including main steps such as registration, confirmation, sending follow-up emails to your registrar/target audience, and more.

The best part is that it records the webinar automatically. It also manages replay pages on its own, ensuring that replays can be automatically sent to attendees. You will now concentrate on the content of your webinar and how engagingly you will execute it, and WebinarJam will probably take care of the rest.

File sharing:

It has the function to share any kind of file to your audience instantly; all you need to do is send files to your audience instantly. If you are an instructor and you have to distribute assignments, or if you want to distribute an application, or if you want to send a cheat sheet, handout, or brochure, all the files can be uploaded through the Studio Control Centre.

Multi-language Capability:

With the multi-language functionality of WebinarJam, you can break down obstacles very quickly. This enables you to pick your favourite language and translate into it all the customer-facing websites, all with a single click. Yes, it is so easy!

Powerful Data Analytics:

It provides a powerful, state-of-the-art, built-in, and most advanced framework for data analytics that you can get on a webinar platform. You can evaluate a broad range of metrics with WebinarJam’s data analytics toolkits, like total visits, registrations, people in the space, watching replays, number of clicks, and much more.

SMS and Voice Messaging:

Using this feature, a few minutes before your scheduled webinar begins, you can send SMS to your registered audience and display the exact time and date of your webinar in this post. You can also record a voice message along with that, in which you can ask them to log into the webinar room automatically.

Compatible with all operating systems:

With WebinarJam, you never need to think about problems with compatibility again. Along with different browsers such as Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and more, you get compatibility with platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is also compatible with Opera, which is commonly used in Scandinavian countries.


To provide automation and ease-of-use, WebinarJam provides relatively impressive features. However, because of the ability of WebinarJam to interact with multiple devices, including email marketing tools, third-party CRMs, shopping carts, and much more, all of these items are also possible.

Ease of use

It’ll be a pretty big learning curve for you if you’ve never used a piece of webinar software. That’s because there are so many options that need to be taken care of for customisation and it has its own quirks to deal with.

For example, it took me a bit to get used to when I used the scheduling features for the first time. Fortunately, there’s a setup wizard that guides you through how to use it step-by-step. I recommend you first go through and set up a test webinar before you get started with the method.

To familiarise yourself with the app, check out all the features, settings and customization. You will be able to drive quickly when it’s time to do a real webinar. In a nutshell, you’ll be at home if you have previous experience with webinar apps, but if it’s your first time, it’s going to take some getting used to it.


It has three different pricing plans. It does not offer a free trial, but for $1, you can try the WebinarJam features for 60 days. No doubt, WebinarJam is a reliable software for webinars that provides services at an affordable cost.

1. Basic:
The basic plan allows for up to 500 participants, unlimited webinars, and costs $41.53 / m billed at $499 annually.

2. Professional:
The professional plan involves up to 4 participants at once, 2,000 active participants, 3 hours of webinar time, and the panic button feature are also added. It costs $58.25 / m and is billed at $699 annually.

3. Premium:
This package is for professionals, and it costs $997 a year. This is costly but valuable for your business because it depends on webinars as a marketing strategy in essence. This plan allows you, along with all the features of previous plans, to have a maximum number of 6 presenters per webinar and 5000 participants per webinar.


The app has all the features you need to get started with webinars and thrive. There are so many features that you may not even need them all from the start! Secondly, it is so quick to use that it never gets in the way, and you can concentrate on making, promoting and delivering amazing content.

The only drawback is the lack of real-time assistance. You have to tackle things on your own if anything comes up during a presentation. It’s not a deal-breaker by any means and just needs you to plan more in advance. This is, in many aspects, a positive thing.

If you want an affordable webinar software with user-converting features that help you increase revenue and engage your customers, then this is the best webinar software for you.

3. GoToMeeting Review

GoToMeeting is a video conferencing and teamwork platform that can start meetings from different places, such as email, Microsoft Office, and tools for instant messaging. The solution is ideal for organisations of all sizes and can be implemented in the cloud as well as on-site.

GoToMeeting allows online meetings, workshops, training, and video conference calls to be coordinated, invited, and attended by users. Any programme can be accessed on users’ PCs by customers, friends, and prospects. It can share up to six high-definition video feeds per session with its HDFaces video conferencing feature.

GoToMeeting supports features such as synchronous editing, project management, collaborative writing, minute management, invitation management, two-way audio and video, chat and messaging. The solution provides a free mobile app that allows devices such as Windows phones, iPods, or iPhones to start an instant or scheduled meeting.

In this review, I will explore this webinar software. I will tell you about its features and pricing plans. If you need a webinar software for your business, then you must read this review till the end.

Key Features

GoToMeeting review homepage

You can secure your meeting with a password, but you must separately email the participants. On your behalf, GoToMeeting will not send the information, which makes sense. GoToMeeting then prompts each participant to enter the password to allow them access, when the organiser begins the meeting and enters the password. GoToMeeting says that the password for the meeting will not be saved. Along with this feature, you can lock your meeting to prevent participants from entering before the start time of the meeting.

Conference calls:

If you need to communicate with friends, customers, or prospects, GoToMeeting’s audio conference calling has you covered. GoToMeeting allows you to engage in a call as long as your device can access the Internet. Windows, Mac, and mobile devices are compatible with it.

GoToMeeting gives optional toll-free numbers for more than 50 countries. If this function is added, you’ll just pay for what you’re using. This is an alternative approach to conventional phone networks for VoIP. You can also receive personalised email invites, reservations connexions, automated scheduling, conference calling functionality and one-click meetings.

Screen sharing:

With its real-time bandwidth adjustment capability, share your device screen with your colleagues or clients in HD quality. GoToMeeting allows you to control what to broadcast, allowing you to choose between full screen and screen sharing for each app.

Recording and transcription of meeting:

Many businesses would want to keep a record of what was said during a conference. It holds everyone responsible and creates a consistently written timeline of company decisions. But taking notes can be a pain during a fast-paced video call, making the auto-transcription functionality of GoToMeeting one of its best features.

For those not able to attend or use it as a guide, archive your meetings in the cloud. There is also a Smart Meeting Assistant on its platform, which automatically transcribes your meetings.

Video and Phone Meetings:

The key functionality of GoToMeeting: Making organisations run virtual video meetings. Participants, from desktop or mobile devices, may enter with video or only with audio.

Each meeting needs one organiser who is responsible for running the event, although several co-organizers are often allowed by the Business Plan. For a dispersed workforce, it’s a perfect solution.

Multi-language support:

GoToMeeting supports the Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish languages. When changing language modes, all of the text and menu options change automatically.

Hardware bundles:

GoToMeeting also has all the hardware you need for hosting high-quality meetings, in addition to providing software. For huddle rooms, as well as bigger conference rooms, they have hardware packages available. With Poly and Dolby Speech, top of the line technology is given by GoToMeeting. The consistency of the audio and video of these packages is second to none.

Drawing tools:

Improve real-time collaboration with GoToMeeting’s drawing software by directing attention to certain areas of your screen. Meeting organisers often have a real-time view of what the attendees see through the Audience View window of their app.

Workflow Integration:

All GoToMeeting plans include a range of integrations to further streamline the activities of an organisation by making a video conference feel as simple as a face-to-face in-person meeting.

A common alternative is the Office 365 plugin, which allows operations running on Microsoft’s products to schedule, organise and enter video meetings easily without leaving their calendar. For organisations that have opted for G-Suite rather than Office 365, a Google Calendar plugin does the same, and a Salesforce integration enables organisers and participants from their Salesforce interface to hop into meetings.

Ease of use

The online dashboard is stylish, elegant and well structured. Simply build and configure meetings, and provide helpful prompts and explanations of roles. The session screen is streamlined but easy to understand. Buttons along the bottom monitor the broadcasting of audio and video, whiteboard, and screen sharing. The title bar has recording, participant list, chat, and settings buttons.


From three different online meeting plans, users can choose Professional, Business, and Enterprise. There is no free plan tier, but with no payment data needed, a 14-day free trial is available. For organizations helping to combat the pandemic, this free trial is currently being extended.

1. Professional Plan:

The Professional plan costs $12 per organizer per month and allows for a maximum of 150 participants. The organizer is the person with the authority to hold a meeting, while participants do not even need a GoToMeeting account to attend a meeting, which is why they do not have an extra charge.

2. Business Plan:

The Business Plan raises the maximum number of participants to 250 per organiser for a fee of $16 a month. It provides some features that the Professional tier does not, including unlimited cloud recording, auto-transcriptions, and the ability to include co-organizers are the major ones.

An additional functionality, GoToWebinar Lite, is available for both professional and business plans as a $20 / month add-on, providing users with the opportunity to host webinars for up to 100 participants.

3. Enterprise Plan:

Eventually, GoToMeeting’s customized approach for larger organizations is the Enterprise strategy. It allows up to 3,000 active participants, but you will need to contact the sales team of GoToMeeting to find out what functionality your custom package will provide and how much your company will run the custom quote.


GoToMeeting is a fantastic product for any business that wants a secure, easy-to-use video conferencing solution. The Business Plan is possibly the better choice, given the useful auto-transcript feature and support for co-organizers. However, a smaller business may find that the cheap Professional plan is better suited to their needs. Either way, the functionality of the solution and the support team will go hand-in-hand with any other video meeting program on the market.

4. WebinarNinja Review

WebinarNinja is a cloud-based solution that enables businesses on a single platform to conduct live and automated sessions or recorded webinars. It allows users to upload PowerPoint slides while streaming live, build Q&A spaces, share screens, run polls and block attendees.

WebinarNinja is an all-in-one platform that provides everything needed to run webinars and provides the user with a comprehensive collection of marketing resources. WebinarNinja is all in the cloud, with every web server, desktop or mobile computer attending the webinar.

WebinarNinja helps build a flat 10-second webinar, get more built-in marketing attendees, no juggling screens, all on one screen, email reminders, create live, automated, sequence, summits, and hybrid webinars, and no additional software necessary with built-in landing pages, and more.

Within this review, I’ll go through all the features of WebinarNinja and inform you if the system provides exactly what it promises. You’ll find a clearer idea of just how easy or hard it’s to host webinars utilizing this instrument and how great are the auxiliary attributes on this stage.

Key Features

The webinar platform is filled with features, and I can’t promise to name all of them here. I’ll go through the most relevant ones instead and give you a rundown of what they can do. You’re going to have a good understanding of what is feasible and what is not.

Present offers:

For the most part, webinars are created to promote exceptional deals. This interface makes it easy to guide individuals from inside the presentation to the right page on the website or to the checkout. No added step allows them to start typing in their browser bar with the URL.

You can display the offer before the presentation at a particular time you decide, or you can do it manually anytime you need it.

Screen Sharing:

Hosts can use screen sharing during webinars to display viewers any window or software. The Chrome extension only has to be added by Chrome users. In live webinars, hosts often have the capacity to insert pre-recorded videos or presentation slides. They can also invite attendees with them to the phone.

Q&A and polls:

With webinars, the aim of the game is participation. If individuals are not active with the presentation, then they may leave. That’s where a dedicated function for Q&A comes in handy. Using that feature, attendees may ask their questions, and they are stored separately so that they are not lost inside the conversation.
Polls help you gather information about your audience as well. It could be a necessary thing, like where are you from, or what is your current income? All of these things support you in real-time and subsequent events to adapt your presentation.

Analytics and Statistics:

Users can track their stats when they use WebinarNinja to control their results. It is possible to track conversions, attendance and retention rates via the webinar tool.

The platform features performance figures on the account level in addition to individual webinars. Registrations, attendees, replay attendees, the percentage who attended the full webinar, the percentage who participated in the chat, the percentage who clicked on the offer, poll results and much more are some of the details you can receive.

Live chat:

The live chat works hand in hand with Q&A. It’s slightly different within WebinarNinja. As I mentioned earlier, Q&A has a separate section to keep things organised. Instead, you can ask questions from your attendees, request feedback, or just look at what they have to say.

This real-time chat will allow you to adapt your presentation to their energy and even solve problems experienced by participants.

HD Video and Audio:

WebinarNinja hired the best talent in the live video broadcast and spent thousands of hours in designing the new technology. What does this mean to you? Well, that means HD video quality with zero delays.

The latency of WebinarNinja went down to less than a second. That means you get a response instantly in the chain when you ask your product question, like hey, where you’re coming from. This also means multiple presenters with high-quality audio, and your webinars are recorded in HD.

Email Notifications & Marketing Automation:

You will be able to send all the required information to all your registrants with confirmation as well as registration emails. And also, the emails can even be edited so that they appear personalised. Furthermore, your attendees, as well as non-attendees, will be able to send follow-up emails.

Landing pages and registration forms:

Your landing page can be a make or break of your ability to turn a profit when it comes to webinars. It’s a game about numbers. On your landing page, the conversion rate determines how well everything else performs.

For you to choose from, the platform has several templates. If you do not like these templates, you can customise the registration form and embed it on one of your own landing pages.

Training Academy:

WebinarNinja gives access to a training centre for all its customers and trial users that walk you through the ins and outs of setting up a webinar and using the platform. It’s a powerful resource that will help you move from a newbie to someone who can deliver professional webinars right out of the gate.

Ease of use

Among the attractions of WebinarNinja is that it’s simple for people, even people that aren’t specialised to get up and to run. The fundamental features like setting up a webinar, landing pages, emails, and more are part of the wizard, so it’s difficult to miss a step.

In addition to that, the most significant buttons and menu options are easy to find. One gripe I have is the colour scheme. It is a lighter grey on a darker grey background.

If you can get past that, then you’ll be able to establish and launch a webinar fast with the application.


This excellent app comes with a lot of features at a reasonable price range, which is an excellent review from one of the best reviews on webinarNinja.

Starter plan:
The starting plan begins with an annual cost of $39 per month. For your live webinar and unlimited participants for the pre-recorded webinar session, you can get up to 100 webinar participants.

Pro Plan:
The Pro Plan begins with an annual cost of $79 a month. For your live webinar, you can get up to 300 webinar attendants and unlimited attendants for the pre-recorded webinar session.

Plus Plan:
The Pro Plan begins with an annual cost of $129 per month. For your live webinar, you’ll get up to 500 webinar participants and unlimited participants for the pre-recorded webinar case.

Power Plan:
The power plan begins with an annual cost of $199 a month. For your live webinar, you’ll get up to 1000 webinar participants and unlimited participants for the pre-recorded webinar case.

14 Days Free Trail:
So, go ahead and try a few webinars for a free 14-day trial and discover why webinar ninja is the webinar app you’ve been waiting for.


Is WebinarNinja profitable? Is it the best platform out there for webinars? Well, for beginners, within a few seconds, you can create your webinars. Also, there is no platform out there that provides several choices to choose from the webinar. I did not find this tool to disappoint me at any level, apart from the 2-hour run limit. And that’s what is worth a try. Get it today if it sounds like what you need.