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What is Email Marketing Software?

The motive of email marketing goes beyond offering to pitch. It strengthens customer loyalty, nourishes leads and increases direct sales, and recognize brand awareness each time a recipient clicks on your email. Sending bulk emails involves time-consuming processes, including preparing a list, classifying it into subgroups, having to send actual emails, and creating feedback reports. Email marketing software eliminates these and integrates a lot of manual processes.

Besides, it enables you to split-test campaigns and evaluate ROI with clear metrics. You could even recognize how the campaign works with the solution streaming key metrics in real time. This allows the user to change the campaign at once for a greater outcome.


How to chose the Best Email Marketing Software

As per a recent survey, 60% of marketers say that email marketing produces a significant ROI and 32% say that it will subsequently do so. That means that choosing the best email marketing software for your job is essential to your efforts.
These are three things you should consider when choosing your platform.


When you’re working in digital marketing, your CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software) is your best mate. Manually updating lists and sending emails is time-consuming, so selecting an email marketing platform that easily integrates with your CRM will provide you with a hassle-free solution for managing relevant content and customer information, and also offering you a detailed analysis of key metrics (open rates, click-through rates) to see which strategy is working best.

Reading and Viewing options

According to the survey,43%of people are now checking their emails every single day on their smartphone. Nowadays, very few are opening their emails from a typical desktop setting, which indicates that choosing an email marketing tool with functionality and a mobile-optimized template is extremely important. If someone opens an email to their mobile device and cannot show it correctly, they will bounce instantly and your efforts will be worthless.

Response handling

Even if your business is small, medium or gigantic—email response handling is of paramount importance. If you’re part of a smaller business that sends out a newsletter or email series to around 900 people a month, you’ll need less inventiveness about automation and response handling, and you’ll be able to manage some of the work sequentially.

Email marketing software
Email marketing software

What features should Email Marketing Software have?

Following are some of the main features that email marketing software should include.

Message Automation

Email message automation is among the most advanced features that Email Marketing Software can offer. Typically, this feature enables the 

retailers to send emails in response to a specific activity or to send email messages in a series based on a set of rules.

Responsive Layout

Almost all Email Marketing Software will allow retailers to send email messages in plain text format. But the best ESPs are now allowing HTML and CSS to create responsive email templates that fit the recipient’s device.

Effectively, this is mobile optimization for email. In many cases, using responsive design with email templates will demand at least a basic understanding of HTML and CSS, but the key is that the Email Marketing Software gives users enough latitude and design to make the design work responsive.

Advanced List Maintenance

Adding and removing email subscribers is a key feature that every Email Marketing Software has to offer. Don’t just settle for this. Expect your Email Marketing Software to automatically remove hard bounces—i.e. invalid email addresses—and soft bounces after several failures.

Opt-outs and subscription changes should also be streamlined. And look for the ability to set up list management rules to help keep everything clean and up to date.

CAN-SPAM Compliance Built-in

The Federal Trade Commission has the right to enforce this standard. The Act includes requirements for how subscriptions are managed and includes content and requirements for sending behaviours and guidelines. Look for an Email Marketing Software that takes the lead in assuring that messages sent in the U.S. comply with the requirements of the Act.

Easy Integration

Email marketing can work best if it is closely integrated with other systems or services. Email Marketing Software should offer simple or easy to use APIs or platform extensions that allow email functionalities to be added at least to the e-commerce platform. But there may be possibilities to integrate email functionalities and workflows with mobile apps, social apps, or loyalty programs to name a few possibilities.

A few examples of beneficial Email Marketing Software integrations could include a Google Analytics connector to track email clicks and conversions; an integration with Strikeiron’s cloud-based email verification; or a 4-Tell product recommendation tool to send personalized messages.

Dedicated IP Address

In email marketing, a specialized Internet Protocol address is one that only your business uses to send messages. Having your own IP address can improve delivery. This feature is actually intended for companies that send a significant number of messages.

Look for this capability when considering Email Marketing Software, even if your business isn’t ready for this at first. As the business expands, a dedicated IP address can improve the delivery capability.

Deliverability Help

Email marketing simply will not work if messages don’t get through, and while email marketers may not have had a great deal of experience with deliverability, Email Marketing Software should.

Look for Software that is willing to share that information in the form of content that shows some of the basic best practices for delivering emails, tools that look for deliverability issues in a particular message or campaign, and data that offers guidance on deliverability. At the end of the day, the marketer should be looking for an email partner.

What is Email Marketing Software?

Want to know all about Email marketing and how to improve your results? Check out this complete guide by Constant Contact.

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Best Email Marketing Software?

1. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a great marketing automation and email marketing approach that enables businesses to become more efficient by using email and social advertising to acquire, convert and keep customers. The software provides a plethora of drag-and-drop mailing lists and offers various ways to upload contacts. Besides, Constant Contact users have access to intuitive event management tools, social media features and a variety of resources that can help businesses succeed with their marketing.

Its marketing automation tools enable customers to target and send a series of customizable emails to contacts in a series, to those who haven’t opened emails for the first time, and far more. In-depth reporting empowers organisations to evaluate campaign success over time and to see which contacts are actively involved. Besides, Constant Contact provides a mobile application that allows business companies to create and send emails directly from their mobile phone. It comes with email tracking capabilities, so users can monitor and track the progress of emails sent on the go.

Constant Contact review homepage
Constant Contact review


Marketing Automation

By using Constant Contact, users can set welcome emails, autoresponder series, and anniversary and birthday emails that will automatically be sent off to contacts based on certain impulses. Once users have spent some time customizing emails, they don’t really have to worry about them again until they’re ready to alter their content.

Contact Management.

The contact management dashboard provides all the tools users need to plan subscribers into the single contact list. Marketing companies can upload text files or spreadsheets for cognitive processes, or import contacts directly from Outlook or Gmail. Tagging contacts and adding custom fields is a breeze, and Constant Contact allows a user to clean up lists by trying to avoid duplication.

Statistical Reporting

Constant Contact provides detailed information explaining statistics on the number of clicks, unsubscribes, forwards, opens, spam reports, and much more. Such statistics are shown graphically in the user’s account. Furthermore, the software provides users with the option to configure the spreadsheet to export whatever status they want. The activity tab logs exports, deletions, updates and additions.

Event Marketing Tools

Constant Contact Event Registration Application is a good feature for marketers interested in leveraging email marketing to accelerate participation at trade shows and conferences. Called EventSpot, it provides the necessary tools that a user requires to generate email invitations and the corresponding registration form and home page. The online form streamlines the event registration process, eliminating the need to collect registration information by using a phone. There are also some integrations with other tools for event marketing, like Eventbrite.

E-commerce integrations 

Constant Contact provides native integrations with several e-commerce solutions to allow users to process abandoned cart emails, see sales right in their Constant Contact dashboard etc.

Ease of Use

Constant Contact offers video introductions to enable you to get up and running with each function, as well as in-app ideas to help you enhance your marketing campaigns. For example, when you are in the Contacts menu, it recommends you construct a pop-up to ask users to subscribe to your newsletter so that you should add it to your mailing list.

It really is easy to navigate around Constant Contact with all its clearly marked menus, though sometimes it’s difficult to find many such features. Email automation and landing pages are not marked anywhere else in the menus, and the only way to build either of them is to navigate back to the main page and start from there. Constant Contact is poor in loading which makes it frustrating when you try to quickly complete tasks or move from one feature to the other.


The 30-day free trial of Constant Contact requires you to enter your credit card information. If you’d like to cancel during your free trial, the company will make it very difficult. There is no online Cancel option.

So instead, you need to search the Knowledge Base to figure out how to cancel because there are no details about how to do it in the My Account section. Then you’ll have to call the billing team during open hours to finish the process. You have to give an explanation to do so when you cancel your account. Canceling is an absolutely time-consuming and confusing process, therefore you need to sign up to Constant Contact before trying to start a free trial.

Constant Contact does not really have a free option but offers a 60-day free trial in which you can access almost all the features. There is indeed a 15% discount if you decide to pay 6 or 12 months in advance, and there is a 30% discount for nonprofits. Comparing it to other email marketing software that offers free plans for less than 1,000 contacts, Constant Contact is pretty expensive, particularly when it only offers basic features in certain regions, such as segmentation and landing page capabilities.


Like many other email marketing service providers, Constant Contact can be proud to offer some of the conventional email marketing solutions. However, its unique additional tools are much more impressive. EventSpot and social media campaigns are among some of the tools that I think most email marketing tools will have to provide. Take full advantage of this simple tool and boost the effectiveness of your campaign. Export your old email list or simply build a new one, hardly anything beats Constant Contact with efficiency and performance.

2. Get Response

GetResponse is a well-developed email marketing solution designed to help businesses increase profits and subscriber interaction with extensive marketing campaigns. Its e-mail editor enables customers to build newsletters without any prior coding knowledge. Besides, this e-mail-writing portion of GetResponse contains templates for developing stunning e-mails and free images to decrease graphics-related expenses.

GetResponse’s landing page creator allows users to develop 100% responsive web forms and landing pages. Landing pages comprise over 150 professionally developed ready-to-use templates. Organizations can build sales web pages, thank you, presentations, opt-ins, and more in less than 10 minutes without touching a line of code.

Its email marketing capability makes it possible to track subscriber actions via stackable workflows in real-time. Features involve segmentation automation, lead score, cart abandonment, activity monitoring, and optimized autoresponders.GetResponse provides price tags for novices of email marketing, continuing to grow small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), pro marketers, and businesses looking for customizable, high-end solutions. It has four price options, Basic, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise. Each price level contains core email marketing and marketing automation features, with costs altering depending on the length of the customer list.

Get Response review homepage
Get Response review


Marketing Automation

GetResponse’s marketing automation feature allows users to create scalable workflows based on user journeys. Action-based autoresponders facilitate the creation of messages that are provoked by appropriate recipient actions – with customizable one-to-one responses. Furthermore, GetResponse offers users highly developed segmentation tools that allow them to split their contacts into subgroups and tailor their emails correspondingly.

Landing Page Builder

GetResponse has an adaptive drag-and-drop landing page builder that enables users to develop 100% responsive landing pages and web forms. Business owners can build web pages for sales, webinars, thank you, opt-ins, about-me, and downloads in just a few minutes Furthermore, GetResponse enables users to test, analyze and configure their pages to boost conversion rates.

Comprehensive Reporting

GetResponse had also robust reporting functionality. A few simplified reports immediately appear on the dashboard, providing a brief description of business performance via summary statistics and pie charts. The Email Analytics section provides further information, such as line and bar graphs for clicks, unsubscribes, opens, complaints and bounces. Besides, users could see which subscribers have carried out any given action within their email list for each report.

Webinar Integration

GetResponse’s Webinar Framework smoothly incorporates with GetResponse email campaigns, facilitating users to access product announcements, demos, and training sessions. Features usually involve presentation sharing, chat moderation, polling, screen sharing, attendee management, and VoIP functionality. Besides, GetResponse allows users to decide whether their webinar would be password protected or allow access for everybody.

Creating & Customizing Emails

GetResponse has dozens of templates, which include 500 free newsletter templates by itself. You’ll realize templates classified to your marketing purpose of welcoming, educating, promoting, selling, and much more. Templates encourage flexible design and are suitable for desktop and mobile devices. Functionalities include limited photo editing, drag-and-drop design elements (such as text blocks, images, and buttons), and the potential to save items as snippets for long-term usages. Additionally, users with some HTML knowledge can code their own templates.

A/B Split Testing

GetResponse’s A/B testing functionality enables users to test and compare up to 5 variants of the subject line, email content, form field, or time.

Ease of Use

Usually, the more features a piece of software will have, the longer it takes users to get up to speed with how much it works. This could also be particularly true for GetResponse because it is not just an email marketing platform, it also has e-commerce, CRM, and lead generation and management functionalities. But GetResponse is the exception. With all its advanced, sleek user interface, exploring across the solution is easy and provides users with a self-belief that you can deliver what you want to develop a compelling marketing campaign.

The Quick Actions menu enables you to jump to frequently used activities and aspects, whereas the ability to modify the user interface means that you can build the user experience in a way that perfectly matches the way you use the solution. The top right-hand menu button includes all the features organized in sections like automation and landing pages. This is frequently visible and facilitates users to navigate around quickly and efficiently.


GetResponse does not include a free trial but offers a 30-day limited trial.

GetResponse has generally three main plans:

➢ Basic, $15 a month
➢ Plus, $49 per month.
➢ Professional, from $99 per month.
Plan prices differ depending on the number of contacts you have, mostly with the least expensive level capped at 1,000 contacts. You could choose to pay per month, get 18 percent off your 12-month plan, or 30 percent off your 24-month plan. Nonprofits can apply for a 50 percent discount.
GetReponse’s Basic plan is an excellent value for the money and usually involves a host for advanced functionality such as segmentation, customization, and Facebook ads. Only one major feature that is not available in the Basic Plan is the ability to develop automated email strings known as autoresponders.


GetResponse genuinely came through with good services, managing to deliver both functionalities and ease-of-use that many other newsletter tools are unable to deliver. We also observed the major automation processes for list management, as well as its efficient and straightforward automation workflows.

Whereas the editor may be a bit fiddly capable of executing certain activities, their templates are flexible and good enough to develop something beneficial. There’s also an iOS and Android app that lets you not only track but send newsletters on the go as well. Including its long list of advanced features like landing pages and even webinars, and then with their new Autofunnel feature, GetResponse is doing quite a few right things. Although it would be great to see an increase in delivery rates, GetResponse scores extremely well in most other areas. As an email marketing tool, it’s probably flexible enough to fulfill almost everything you’d need.

3. Moosend

Moosend is an email marketing platform that facilitates repetitive tasks so that marketers can focus on developing relationships with customers. It has an intuitive user interface for designing emails and measuring campaigns without the need for coding or web design experience.It empowers businesses to segment email lists, send newsletters, and analyze their marketing effectiveness. Thousands of agencies or organizations recognize this software because it empowers them to send the right email content to the right people at the right time, optimize their business processes, and upgrade their ROI.

Moosend review homepage


Creating Campaigns

Moosend offers an easy way for users to send emails to existing subscriber lists. Comparable to other email marketing providers, Moosend usually includes a step-by-step “Campaign Creation Wizard” that facilitates users through the process of building email campaigns. The Campaign Editor feature allows you to create multiple campaigns, such as a regular campaign, an A/B testing campaign, and an automation campaign.

List Management

When deciding on an email marketing provider, it’s really useful to consider how easy it is to get any existing subscribers across or introduce additional subscribers. Moosend provides several different upload options, including CSV/Excel compatibility, copying and pasting contact information, or importing current contacts from Google or Salesforce.

The key element for sending emails to the right people at the right time is the segmentation of the list. Moosend enables you to access extensive data about your subscribers which can be used to make particular target lists. Custom fields can be added as text, date/time, drop-down list, and checkboxes, all of which can be modified to retrieve any information you require. As an example, you might want to collect your subscriber’s birthday information to send them a personalized email. Custom fields could be specified as optional or required, although it is essential to know that the information required will be needed each time you add or import new subscribers to your list, and also when subscribers are added via sign-up forms.

Sign-up Forms

Moosend provides a basic sign-up form that you can add to your website to grab email subscribers. During this process, the form is quite limited and the functionality of other providers, such as MailMunch, is lacking. Also, there is no easy way to personalize each form at that moment. To change the entire look of the sign-up form and match your marketing, you will need to change the HTML code provided once it’s been added to your website.


Moosend Automation is included in all of its strategies. This feature provides an effective way to send appropriate messages to your list at the right time and to strengthen your conversion rate. Extensive workflows can be built from scratch using the builder, which makes creating targeted automation simple, enabling you to identify various triggers, control steps (trigger filters), and actions to be completed once certain criteria have been met.


Unfortunately, one region where Moosend is sorely missing relative to the competition is its indigenous integrations. Moosend has a particularly limited selection compared to MailChimp, which has hundreds of native third-party integrations available. Interestingly, there are a few useful integrations, such as Moosend’s WordPress Subscription plugin and the WooCommerce plugin. Zapier has also recently been proposed, enabling users to interact with it and use dozens of different applications, although additional subscriptions are needed to optimize it.


Users can access data over each campaign in real-time in the reporting section, which provides an outstanding high-level overview of opens, clicks, and bounces. By tapping on each campaign, users can view individual recipient activity, compare email client and mobile tracking, and track where each email was viewed.

Ease of Use

Moosend is a great choice for small businesses or entrepreneurs willing to look for a powerful email marketing solution without an expensive cost. While Moosend doesn’t really give a complete package of marketing tools, it really does deliver industry-leading email marketing features including behavioral email automation, smart list segmentation, and a recent one.


Moosend provides a free plan for organisations with lesser than 1,000 subscribers, including limitless email campaigns and other capabilities. It has two pricing plans depending on the number of subscribers: Pro and Enterprise. The Pro plan involves additional functionality such as landing pages, transactional emails and phone support. It starts at $8 a month for up to 2,000 subscribers. The Enterprise plan provides more functionalities, like custom reporting, single sign-on, account manager, on-boarding and a service level agreement. The pricing strategy for this plan is only available as a custom quote.


Moonsend efficient pricing options and low prices make it an intensely demanding email marketing tool, no matter the size of your business. Besides, it has enough great unique features to make it even more than worth your hard-earned revenue. Moosend is especially helpful for e-commerce as it contains a huge bag of automation techniques that saves a lot of time and difficulties.
If you’re a massive organization that sends thousands of emails and needs some specialized marketing tools, such as landing pages, you may be disappointed by Moonsend’s limitations. However, for most businesses, Moonsend has enough to make it a great, cost-effective choice for email marketing.

4. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is the easiest all-in-one tool for smaller businesses, marketing automation, email marketing, transactional emails, and SMS. You can efficiently boost your sales and retain your contacts by using target workflows and the score feature. It only takes 5 – 10 minutes to Implement your Welcome Email or Abandoned Cart Workflow. Sendinblue offers lots of plugins like WordPress, Magento, Salesforce, and Woocommerce.

SendinBlue has evolved from an email marketing tool to a more extensive solutions center with enhanced automation and built-in CRM compatibility for most smaller companies. Since its first release as a digital marketing company, Sendinblue has experienced significant growth. Initially, they built a platform to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, which had previously been badly served by digital marketing platforms.

Currently, Sendinblue is among the most famous and well-known digital marketing platforms in service. A valuable feature set and competitive price point set its head and shoulders besides its competitors. With more than 80,000 registered users sending more than 100 million emails each day, Sendinblue is an extremely significant part of the modern digital marketing landscape.

Sendinblue review homepage
Sendinblue review


Drag and Drop Email Editor

SendinBlue features an intuitive drag-and-drop email editor. Here you could select from a wide range of predefined elements to modify your email design.

A/B testing

Modify your emails by evaluating various subject lines and identifying the winner.


Users could also use SendinBlue to send SMS messages and autoresponder messages.

Landing pages

Users could use SendinBlue to generate landing pages from scratch by using one of their professional templates to help accelerate the process.

Bounce Management

You get direct access to a log of soft and hard email bounces. Hard bounces are instantly deleted.

Reports and Analytics

All the necessary email marketing metrics as well as email click-map, google analytics integration and geo-tracking

Opt-In Forms

The subscription forms of SendinBlue are dynamic. You can configure them to fit your own brand. The most advanced features include captcha verification and automatic data population (so users wouldn’t have to fill in their name twice, etc.)

List Management

You could even easily handle your email lists. Import, export, and edit your contacts. Segment your audience based on your subscriber’s demographic groups, actions taken, and lead scores.

SendinBlue includes sales and marketing of CRM. You can centralize all your contact information in the CRM and set up follow-up actions.

Email Marketing Automation

SendinBlue provides a lot of automated email functionality. For example, the workflow editor allows you to target leads based on their on-site actions, web behavior, email engagement, etc.

Transactional Emails

You can send transactional emails directly through SMTP. For instance, for receipts and order confirmations, the password will be reset.

Email Templates

SendinBlue provides 65 pre-made mailing templates to get started easily


Provide a chat feature and place it on your website for quick one-to-one communication with web users.

Fantastic customer support

In addition to live web chat, you could also contact your customer service team by phone and email. SendinBlue also has a knowledge and understanding of useful tutorials and FAQs

Ease of Use

The Sendinblue user interface is easy to grasp and allows you to quickly identify all the key areas of the tool. You get the main menu at the top – directing you to campaigns, automation, transactional email, and contact management. You can switch to emails, templates, messages, Facebook ads, statistics, and settings from the sidebar menu. Just click the big green button in the center to establish a new campaign. Sendinblue will start taking you step by step from there and allow you to make a campaign. First, you can set the main details, such as the name of the campaign and the subject line of the email.


SendinBlue provides a free package that enables users to send up to 300 emails a day for an unlimited number of contacts, and you can eliminate this daily limit for very little as £5/month. If you’ve just looked at other email marketing platforms, you’ll know that this puts SendinBlue at the most reasonably priced end of the scale, so you’ll be happy to hear that its pricing is far more flexible than many other suppliers.

While many digital marketing platforms offer affordable start-up packages, they tend to get more pricey as you scale up. SendinBlue is one of the few providers that is regularly priced as your business scales and we’d love to see more businesses take the same approach – even if their starting prices were significantly higher.


Having a look at Sendinblue’s toolset, it’s readily apparent that they understand email marketing and know what their consumers are searching for. This insight allowed them to compile a list of useful tools to enable marketers to optimize their campaigns and fine-tune their automation capabilities. Sendinblue is a great platform for maximizing conversions and streamlining digital campaigns.

Sendinblue won’t dethrone industrial titans like ActiveCampaign anytime soon. But it’s quickly gaining ground and giving its larger competitors a lot more to worry about. The gracious free plan certainly helps to sell Sendinblue to users, but this is just one of the benefits of the platform. With a premium plan starting at just $25, Sendinblue is also one of the most accessible premium digital marketing services in the world.

You could also try Sendinblue for free at the moment. When you have experienced the platform and everything it has to offer, you can make an informed choice as to whether to invest in a more advanced subscription. Sendinblue is a name that you can trust in your digital marketing services.